6G is now a reality in China, the country has just placed the first satellite of the new telecom standard in orbit

It would have been hard to believe that telecoms could one day be the source of the next world war, but we missed that goal very close because of 5G. This telecom standard is not even universal yet as China has already found a replacement for it that promises crazy speeds never seen on Earth. The Middle Kingdom has in fact just placed in orbit the first satellite of the constellation which will allow the implementation of 6G. A strong message sent to the rest of the world.

5G, the sinews of war

Since 2019 Donald Trump has been putting pressure on China and its companies, led by Huawei, to evacuate the country from the telecom networks of the United States. And of his friendly countries or vassal states.

5G – Photo credits: Flickr

With considerable losses and above all the inaccessibility of US and European markets, China is now looking to the future of telecoms. Who according to them does not even go through 5G, but downright through 6G.

While 5G will only be reality in some countries in the weeks or even months or years to come.

In the case of France, operators will be authorized to connect their customers to the 5G network on November 18.

The first 6G satellite already in orbit

The development of this new standard was carried out by a Chinese university, the first satellite of the constellation which will be used to set up 6G was put into orbit on November 6.

A satellite in Earth orbit – Photo credits: Needpix

The purpose of the satellite in question is to first study the quality of transmission from Earth to space.

Especially given the high speeds that 6G should offer, which are expressed in terahertz.

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