Algeria: President Tebboune hospitalized after suspected cases of Covid-19 in his entourage

Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, 74, who went into solitary confinement on Saturday after suspected cases of Covid-19 in his entourage, was admitted to a military hospital in Algiers, the presidency announced on Tuesday.

“On the recommendation of his doctors, President Abdelmajid Tebboune returned to a specialized care unit at the central army hospital in Aïn Naadja in Algiers,” said a brief statement from the presidency.

“His state of health is stable and does not inspire any concern,” the statement said, without specifying why or when the head of state was hospitalized. “The President of the Republic continues his daily activities from his place of hospitalization”, adds only the presidency.

The Algerian president is supposed to inaugurate Wednesday evening the prayer room of the great mosque of Algiers, the third largest in the world, on the eve of the feast of Mawlid (the birth of Muhammad).

A referendum in five days

This hospitalization also comes five days before a referendum on the revision of the Constitution presented by President Tebboune to found a “new Algeria”.

November 1 is the anniversary of the uprising against the French occupation. Last year, that day, the Hirak protest movement mobilized thousands of demonstrators in the streets of Algiers against the regime and corruption but also against the presidential election and its highly contested candidates, including the current president.

After several weeks of slow decline, Algeria – whose borders remain closed – has experienced an upsurge in Covid-19 contaminations for two weeks. Nearly 57,000 cases have been recorded in this country of 44 million inhabitants since the first case was reported on February 25, including more than 1,930 deaths and nearly 40,000 recoveries.

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