Amateur rugby: the Federal 1 championship suspended

The Federal 1 championship is finally suspended. Like all divisions among amateurs. When the reconfinement was announced on October 28, the French Federation (FFR) had already approved the suspension of the amateur championships, from Federal 2. During the federal office meeting on Monday, it applied the same decision to the Federal 1 (4th national level), non-professional competition.

The Federal 1 did not benefit from any derogatory system and no club was concerted before the FFR took its decision. The fate of the Nationale (3rd division), a championship with semi-professional status, should be decided on Tuesday, but it seems that we are heading again for a suspension.

For this division where the fourteen elite amateur clubs play, including the Ile-de-France Massy and Suresnes, exemptions would be possible but the clubs, consulted by the FFR, were mostly against a recovery. They believe that the economic difficulties and those related to the organization of matches and training are too great.

In addition to the Top 14 and the Pro D 2, two competitions could be maintained however: the female elite 1 and the Espoirs, both placed under the aegis of the FFR. The decision should be made quickly.

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