American presidential election: electoral fraud in the United States? Right from wrong about these allegations

While it is still impossible to say on Thursday who will be elected President of the United States, Donald Trump continues to denounce electoral “fraud” and is increasing legal recourse. On social networks, there are numerous publications accusing Democrat Joe Biden of having rigged the results of several key states, notably through postal voting.

  • Joe Biden’s sudden rise in Michigan and Wisconsin proves electoral fraud: FALSE

“Well, that cheats to death guys!” In Michigan, 128,000 more ballots were counted at once and they were 100% for Biden! It is mathematically impossible! The same for Wisconsin ”, an Internet user advances on Facebook. In his publication, he refers to the “deep state”, a term widely used by the QAnon conspiracy movement which has massively relayed these accusations of fraud.

His message is accompanied by maps and charts, supposed to prove the rigging of the elections in these states where the polls gave the advantage to Donald Trump.

Screenshot taken from Facebook on November 5, 2020

About Michigan

The suspicion of fraud in Michigan originated from a publication by American columnist Matt Mackowiak. The latter shared cards and a graph showing a sudden surge in the number of votes for Joe Biden in the state.

But these startling results come from human error, corrected soon after. Indeed, Shiawassee County made a typo in entering the tally of its votes. “I added an extra zero”, has explained to AFP Caroline Wilson, responsible for the error. This is what made the number of votes in favor of Joe Biden jump from 15,371 to 153,710 and caused an increase of 138,339 votes (and not 128,000 as the publication claims) for the Democrat, without the his opponent’s votes don’t move with one voice.

These data were then recorded on the map of the Election Analysis Service (DDHQ), which publishes the data communicated by the States as is. But, the company has explained to Buzzfeed News that “the state noticed the error and produced an updated count.” Shortly after, the 153,710 votes in favor of Joe Biden were effectively reduced to 15,371 ballots, which did not prevent the Democratic candidate from winning that state. Matt Mackowiak has since deleted his tweet and recognized his mistake.

About Wisconsin

The significant increase in the number of votes visible on the graph for Wisconsin, meanwhile, is not magic. It can be explained by the arrival at the same time of 170,000 postal ballots, with a large Democratic majority, on election night. These originated from the city of Milwaukee, a Democratic stronghold. Now, Democratic voters are, according to the New York Times, much more likely than Republicans to vote by mail. It is this influx of votes that allowed Joe Biden to overtake Donald Trump, before finally winning this state.

  • Wisconsin has more votes than registered voters: FALSE

“Wisconsin: 101% of voters !!!! A massive and incredible fraud in the United States, democrats who literally steal the election ”, wrote a surfer on Twitter, attaching screenshots. These images seem to indicate that 3,239,920 votes are cast, while there are only 3,129,000 registered voters in the state.

Screenshot taken from Twitter on November 5, 2020
Screenshot taken from Twitter on November 5, 2020

But these statistics are false, because the figure put forward of 3,129,000 voters actually dates back to from 2018. The official website of the Wisconsin Election Commission indicates that the actual number of voters registered as of the November 1, 2020 was 3,684,726, well above the number of voters.

In addition, the number of voters registered on the electoral rolls of Wisconsin could well be even higher, because this state allows its inhabitants to register the same day of the poll, directly at the polling station.

  • 300,000 ballots were misplaced in Florida: TRUE

A federal judge on Tuesday ordered the United States Postal Service (USPS) to find traces in its warehouses of nearly 300,000 lost ballots. These were scanned at the entrance to post offices, but not when they left.

The USPS considers these 300,523 bulletins to have been delivered to their recipients, even though there is no digital proof that they arrived safely. The Tampa Bay Times indicates that 74% of these ballots concern South Florida, a decisive state won by Donald Trump.

The Postal Service had a few hours to search its processing facilities so that ballots could be counted before each state’s polls closed. However, the company said it would not respect the judge’s injunction. Several representatives of the USPS have, for this, been convened again this Wednesday. According to one Washington Post analysis, even if all the ballots were not found on time, this should not weigh on the election results in the states concerned.

  • Joe Biden admitted to organizing the biggest electoral fraud in American history: FALSE

A video, widely relayed in France on Twitter, claims to show the Democratic candidate admitting the organization of massive electoral fraud.

“Second, we’re in a situation where we’ve set up – and you did in President Obama’s administration before that – we’ve set up, I believe, the organization of electoral fraud. the most massive and the most inclusive in the history of American politics ”, The Democrat explains in the 24-second video.

This excerpt, shared in particular on October 24 by Donald Trump’s campaign spokesperson, has been retweeted more than 34,000 times, and the American president refers to it in numerous tweets. The quote also circulated in France.

Screenshot taken from Facebook on November 5, 2020
Screenshot taken from Facebook on November 5, 2020

However, these words are taken out of context. In the initial interview from which this excerpt is taken, Joe Biden evokes, on the contrary, his efforts to prevent electoral fraud during the upcoming election. By awkwardly using the expression “electoral fraud organization”, he refers to an organization to combat electoral fraud, the Civic Engagement and Voter Protection Team. It was created under the presidency of Barack Obama, when Joe Biden was vice-president.

In the original video, Joe Biden urges Americans to inform the Democratic Party of any frauds they may see in the presidential election.

This Thursday morning, Donald Trump, who has already proclaimed himself the winner, again called for the end of the counting of votes. The current president assured that he would seize the Supreme Court to report “A fraud against the American people”. Joe Biden, for his part, called for every vote to be counted before announcing the outcome of the ballot.

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