American presidential election: who is Jill Biden, “First teacher” of the United States?

” Hello everyone. I am Jill Biden’s husband! It is with these words that Joe Biden presents himself, on August 18, in a video alongside his wife to celebrate his official nomination as Democratic candidate for the presidency of the United States. A joke, but not only. The one who is then only Donald Trump’s challenger, decides to give Jill the same place in his campaign as the one she has occupied in her life: central and decisive. “Think about your favorite teacher, who gave you the confidence to believe in yourself. This is the kind of First Lady that will be Jill Biden ”, continues the former Vice-President of Barack Obama.

It is this 69-year-old teacher who will support the newly elected president for the next four years of his term as head of the United States. Daughter of a bank employee of Italian origin and of a housekeeper of British origin, the eldest of five daughters, the one then called Jill Tracy Jacobs met Joseph Biden in 1975, and the married two years later. “She brought me back to life”, later told the person, who had lost Neilia, his first wife and daughter in a car accident in 1972, when he had just been elected young senator .

Jill Biden will be in all of her husband’s political fights. Very often on the front line. She also chose to get involved in the campaigns of Beau Biden, one of the sons of Jo’s first marriage, who had become a Delaware attorney, before dying of cancer in 2015. She was very present during the Democratic primary, as well as in the final race that saw her husband win the presidency. She has increased trips to key states, essential to victory such as Pennsylvania, trying to convey the same message of rally advocated by Biden. “We do not agree on everything, it is not necessary, we can always love and respect each other”, she launched in a speech where she called all Americans “Democrats and Republicans, rural and urban ”to come together to overcome political divisions.

“Teaching is not what she does. This is what she is ”

Her husband’s first lawyer, she took part in highlighting the “intimate Biden”. “He learned to heal a family, and in the same way we heal a country: with love, understanding, small gestures of kindness, courage and unshakeable hope”, she thus launched, echoing the many the personal tragedies he had to face, and the crises now plaguing the United States.

Having become a doctor of teaching in 2007, Jill Biden also made it known that she did not intend to give up her professional activity, as had already been the case when Joe was vice-president of Barack Obama. She still teaches at a university in northern Virginia, near Washington. “I want people to have esteem for teachers, that we highlight this profession”, she declared in August to the American channel CNN.

“Teaching is not what she does. That’s what she is, ”Joe Biden said of her. Without counting Hillary Clinton, briefly senator at the end of the mandate of her husband Bill, she would thus become the first “First lady” to pursue her professional career. “She will bring the function of First Lady into the 21st century” adds Katherine Jellison, specialist in American history at the University of Ohio, stressing that “most American women must reconcile professional and family life”. Promising like her husband, to bring the United States into a new era.

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