Arrival of the quinté at Auteuil: Becquarainbow takes revenge

Arrival of the quinté: 5 – 2 – 9 – 7 – 14

The “line” of the Prix Guillaume Pracomtal, a similar event contested at Auteuil at the beginning of the month, was therefore the right one. Four of the top five of the day finished in the top six of the benchmark event. But the order has changed.

Awesome on October 1, Zurekin (# 2) appeared able to double the bet when James Reveley asked him to step up on the last turn. Perhaps the English jockey has assumed the strengths of his partner, who weakened a bit after jumping the last hurdle? In any case, Becquarainbow (n ° 5), who was his last runner-up, managed to dominate him in the last strides. Logically, progress on her return run, in which she took fifth place, Stop Line (n ° 9) had his chance for success, but must be satisfied with the second runner-up slightly behind the good finisher Loradame (n ° 7), the only one at the finish who did not run the reference event.

Ayeth (n ° 14) completes the right combination of the quinté.

Romain Porée indicated the quinté in the order in eight horses, while the synthesis gave it in disorder.

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