Arrival of the quinté at Fontainebleau: Baileys Blues opens his counter and that of his trainer

Arrival of the quinté: 12 – 15 – 10 – 4 – 7

Sixteen thoroughbreds aged 3 and over were at the start of the quinté disputed over the 1,200m straight line at the Fontainebleau racecourse (Seine-et-Marne).

Irreproachable from the start of his career (never beyond 6th place in eleven attempts), Baileys Blues (n ° 12) had never crossed the post in the lead before. This did not prevent the punters from logically making it their favorite. Ridden with great confidence by Stéphane Pasquier at the forefront, he was never really threatened. If his jockey wins his 194th quinté, it is a first in this category for his trainer, Anne-Sophie Crombez.

The race video

Good finisher along the outer run, Kiloecho (n ° 15) confirms its great form but must be satisfied, as in last place, of the first accessit. Quickly seen in the leading group, Bakoel Koffie (n ° 10) is very courageous to preserve the third place at the expense of Pradaro (n ° 4).

This is Wonder boy (n ° 7) which completes the winning combination.

Romain Porée and Halim Bouakkaz indicated the quinté in the disorder.

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