Arrival of the quinté at Longchamp: Duhail plays with weight

Arrival of the quinté: 2 – 11 – 6 – 16 – 13

On a track made very difficult by the continuous rains in the Paris region, sixteen experienced thoroughbreds took part in the Sunday quinté on the 1,400 m long course at Longchamp.

Despite conditions which do not a priori favor horses forced to carry a lot of weight, Duhail (n ° 2) easily dominated his subject. The partner of Vincent Cheminaud, who was the favorite of our synthesis, was able to benefit from a good progress within the peloton and did not hesitate to make his way between two rivals 200 m from the post to go to his first victory at this level.

True follower of deep lands, The Poutanesca (n ° 11) was the only one to try to challenge the superiority of the winner, but must admit his superiority. She is ahead of her uterine brother, Millfield (n ° 6), which confirms its current good dispositions.

Set back from the top three, I should have (n ° 16) caused a surprise by grabbing fourth place at the expense ofEsperitum (n ° 13).

Note for the future the good final effort ofAlfieri (n ° 3), came back from the last ranks to rank eighth.

The synthesis indicated the trifecta out of order.

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