Arrival of the quinté at Vincennes: a winner at 40/1 to launch the meeting

Arrival of the quinté: 4 – 15 – 12 – 8 – 3 Non runner: 5 (Dascalia)

After the package Dascalia (n ° 5), fifteen aged trotters were at the start of the first event of the winter meeting. At the end of the 2,700m, it’s the outsider (40/1), Altea de Piencourt (n ° 4), which won.

This time of year is very popular with punters, who appreciate the regularity of the races on the Gravelle plateau where the favorites are often present. This first quinté also smiled at his favorite (5/10), Anama Crusoe (n ° 11). But, to free himself from the hold of the peloton, his driver Jean-Michel Bazire had to elbow and hamper rivals. The stewards had no other choice but to outrun the favorite of the racers.

The decision of the commissioners in video

This indisputable decision benefits Altea de Piencourt (n ° 4), which was not expected at such a party. But the resident of Junior Guelpa did not steal her victory after having provided a very good effort from the top of the climb.

She is surely ahead of the host Star Charm (# 15), who was courageous after completing the first kilometer of the race at a very brisk pace.

Long among the last, Doum Jenilou (n ° 12) perfectly prolongs the effort started in the last turn to take third place, while the good finisher Class Action (n ° 8) takes fourth place at the end of Happiness of Nay (n ° 3).

Despite the absence of the favorite and the presence of several outsiders in the winning combination, Halim Bouakkaz indicated the quinté in the disorder (616.80 € for a stake of 2 €).

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