Arrival of the quinté in Compiègne: And three for Sagamiyra

Arrival of the quinté: 7 – 5 – 4 – 10 – 6

On a heavy track and the distance of 1,600 meters, fourteen 3-year-old thoroughbreds competed in the quinté at Compiègne (Oise). And the race confirmed that values ​​are still evolving among these relatively young gallopers.

New arrival in this category, Sagamiyra (n ° 7) has reached a new level. Yet penalized by 8 pounds following his recent success at Angers, Cristian’s partner not only passed the post in the lead, but she also imposed herself with a margin which suggests that her ascent is not over. Rather accustomed to classical events, the jacket of His Highness Aga Khan shines for the second time in a few days in the quintés, after the victory of Shalamba in Saint-Cloud.

Clearly dominated in the benchmark event, where he finished fourth, First Sight (n ° 5) runs in clear progress to surely seize the first runner-up in front Sauzon (n ° 4), which proves that he can get out of difficult terrain.

Clearly set back, the favorite Silver Ewer (n ° 10) must be satisfied with the fourth place, without ever having deluded for the podium. He is ahead African Gray (n ° 6), courageous after having galloped to the outposts.

Very prominent after its success at the beginning of the month in Chantilly, Haliphon (n ° 2) never gave hope to its takers.

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