Arrival of the quinté in Mauquenchy: Django du Bocage wins solo

Arrival of the quinté: 7 – 9 – 2 – 5 – 8

As expected, the arrival of the Normandy stage of the Grand National du Trot gave pride of place to the favorites. Alone Classic Haufor (n ° 6), at first fault, did not justify the confidence of the punters. The first few meters of the race also proved to be decisive, since the three horses that finished on the podium were in the leading quintet on the first crossing of the post.

Among them, Django du Bocage (n ° 9) was the fastest and was able to apply his favorite tactic by setting his pace. A sustained pace without more, lack of attack, which allowed the partner of Franck Ouvrie to conserve resources to place a decisive start at the entrance to the straight line.

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Good finisher, after trotting on a fourth line, Be One des Thirons (n ° 9) came to dominate in the last meters the favorite, And that’s from Muze (n ° 2), for the granting of the first accessit. If his third place allows him to take the lead in the general classification, the resident of Sébastien Guarato will have to be more impactful in the GNT final, scheduled for December 7 in Vincennes, to hope to keep his yellow jersey against Elie de Beaufour, very convincing recently on the Parisian ash.

Gradually returned to the forefront after a rather slow start, Delfino (n ° 5) paid his debauchery of efforts in the final phase and must settle for fourth place. He is ahead Pierji Challenge (n ° 8), unable to shift up a gear in the straight line after having benefited from a good rope course.

The summary and all of our prognosticators indicated the quinté in the disorder, with a mention for Halim Bouakkaz who did it in five horses.

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