Arrival of the Quinté in Vincennes: Power wins a crazy race

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Arrival of the quinté: 1 – 8 – 9 – 4 – 6

In front of stands only filled with professionals, a few hours from the curfew, a gala quinté brought together twelve European trotters, Friday in Vincennes. The continent’s best 4-year-olds competed in the UET Grand Prix (Group I), over the distance of 2,100 m with a start at the autostart. A start that had to be resumed due to the poor placement in the second line of Goulette (n ° 12).

This setback did not prevent us from witnessing an incredible race, in which the outsider emerged victorious. Power (n ° 1). The partner of the Swede Robert Bergh took advantage of fortunate circumstances to achieve the most prestigious success of his young career. Without the fault of the big favorite Stable D (n ° 5) in the final phase, nothing says that the winner would have the same. This does not detract from the merit of Power, who drew on his resources to put the tip of his nose in front of Green Grass (n ° 8) when passing the post.

The final phase of the quinté

After trotting in the wake of the animators, Mathieu Mottier’s partner is only slightly ahead Guzz Mearas (n ° 9), yet started in the second line.

Very close, Aetos Kronos (n ° 4) takes fourth place ahead Gallant Way (n ° 6).

Despite his strides, Stable D achieved a performance worthy of his reputation as a champion. Left belly to the ground, but ears pointed forward, the Scandinavian trotter put his main rival the French under the extinguisher, Gu d’Héripré (n ° 2). Surely, Björn Goop’s partner repelled his rival’s attack from the last turn, pushing him to the fault a few strides from the podium. But this debauchery of energy ended up upsetting the beautiful machine, while the victory was at the end of its hoofs. Stable D will probably prove in the months to come that it was just a bad night.

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