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Arrival of the quinté of Monday, October 12 in Enghien: Valzer di Poggio preserves his invincibility this year

Arrival of the quinté: 5 – 1 – 4 – 6 – 2

Only twelve trotters were at the start of the first quinté of the week, contested over the 2,150 m of the Enghien track.

Yet well off behind the wings of the autostart, the favorite Valzer di Poggio (n ° 5) did not try to start quickly. Nicolas Bazire waited for the last round to go to the side of the host, Martin de Bos (n ° 7). He thus remained in “the place of the dead” until the entry of the straight line, where he quickly took the measure of his rival. Without forcing his talent, Valzer di Poggio gleaned his tenth consecutive success.

Martin de Bos at fault in the final phase, the first runner-up goes to Whole Lotta Love (n ° 1), which he had relayed at the exit of the first turn.

Good finisher, Say that again (n ° 4) takes third place nearby, but takes advantage of the misfortunes ofAramis Deiha (n ° 6), who was never able to express himself in the final phase. Stuck in the wake of Whole Lotta Love, he has to be content with fourth place ahead of Destiny Carisaie (n ° 2), the only French trotter at the finish.

Steavie Doussot indicated the trifecta in order, the quartet and the quinté in the disorder in six horses only.

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