Arrival of the quinté on Saturday, November 21 at Auteuil: Clondaw Cian wins at 21/1

Arrival of the quinté: 11 – 4 – 1 – 5 – 8

He had just done poorly in a Group I, then in a Group II. Back in a category more within its reach, English Clondaw Cian (n ° 11) ignored his ten years to win the sprint against Bonaparte Sinzing (n ° 4), the favorite, in the quinté this Saturday at Auteuil.

Waiter, the partner of James Reveley gradually got closer to finally get the better of the resident of Jehan Bertran de Balanda on the flat, after a sharp final tussle.

The video of the quinté:

Brave in spite of his four kilos of overload and a ground sticking to his more, Bonaparte Sizing, therefore failed only minimally after having aligned two successes.

Third slightly behind, Magistador (n ° 1) animated the race for a long time before deluding himself for the victory in the last corner by galloping with two lengths in advance on the peloton.

Slightly set back, King of Run (n ° 5) and Buck’s Bahbook (n ° 8) complete the right combination of quinté.

This is Sophie Leech’s second victory as a coach in the Quintés, the seventeenth for jockey James Reveley.

Halim Bouakkaz indicated the trifecta in disorder in four horses, Steavie Doussot in seven horses and the Synthesis in eight horses.

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