At Chambly stadium, work continues despite the ban

In the gallery, two workers are wiring. A little further on, others are on their lunch break. This Friday, nothing seems to slow down the construction of the Plaine de Sports site, which will notably house the new FC Chambly stadium.

“It continues as if nothing had happened”, scolds Alain Perrein, president of the Association for the development of the valley of the Esches (AAVE) and fierce opponent of the project which would constitute according to him “a major environmental offense” .

The works should have been suspended for almost three weeks, he believes: “In October, the Council of State suspended the prefectural authorization for works granted in 2018, following one of our appeals. “

And when the high court orders, the state services are activated. In the process, on November 2, the prefect of Oise, Corinne Orzechowski, sent a letter to the mayor of Chambly, David Lazarus, asking him to immediately suspend the work.

“Pending the decision taken on the merits by the administrative court of Amiens,” said the letter. A judicial deadline which should not intervene before long months … But contacted, the prefecture insists: the work is indeed no longer authorized …

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But the municipality of Chambly seems to be turning a deaf ear. If the municipality claims to have “taken note of the suspension of the authorization issued by the State”, this decision does not take into account “either the merits or the legitimacy of the project”. And declares that an “administrative regularization procedure” has been launched to correct “the procedural defect raised”. Understand: move around, there is nothing to see.

So what action will the prefecture take? The state services are in a lot of trouble and unable to respond for the moment. Fines? Intervention of the police? Negotiation? Do nothing? For his part, Alain Perrein is monitoring the situation from afar. “We are a bit out of the game here. It is between the prefecture and the town hall that this will happen … “

Players without a stadium

The stakes are high. The project is part of the equipment of the Oise validated by the departmental council as a preparation center for the 2024 Olympic Games … Above all, the future 4,500-seat stadium, located on the left bank of the Esches, is particularly awaited by the Chambly football club.

Since its rise in League 2, players can no longer play on their historic ground at the Stade des Marais. They therefore find themselves “without a fixed stadium”, forced to play at home at the Pierre-Brisson stadium in Beauvais. If the club officials refuse to officially comment on the case, internally, the club would be calm about the next delivery …

However, this new rebound could delay, even more, the end of this project. In fact, the stadium should be operational, initially, for the 2020-2021 season. The Covid-19 pandemic put a first stop, the second, of the Council of State, could therefore compromise this second part of the season …

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