Athletics: The junior Léo Chwalowska “disgusted” by the cancellation of the French Championships

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It is difficult for the pill to pass. Like the other athletes, Léo Chwalowska (18 years old), the shot putter from Chaumont-en-Vexin, learned this Tuesday noon of the cancellation of the French Cadet / Junior Championships, which were to be played at the weekend. next to Bondoufle (Essonne). “The prefecture asked us to cancel our event due to the worsening health situation in the department,” the Federation announced in a brief statement. A terrible blow for the French indoor champion, who had made this competition the main goal of his summer season.

“I have West Indian friends who took 12 hours on the plane for nothing”

How did you welcome the cancellation of the French Championships?

LEO CHWALOWSKA. I am downright disgusted. It was clearly a goal, it had to be the end point of a complicated season. I thought it would happen, but when I saw that there was no poster, no qualifying list, I started to have doubts. It has verified itself. Initially, the competition was scheduled in Lens, it was moved to Essonne. Organizing it in the Paris region, I don’t think it was the best strategy. And it still requires a lot of preparation, so cancel on D-5 … I have West Indian friends who have already arrived in Metropolitan France and who took 12 hours of plane time for nothing.

What are your prospects now?

The Federation says there will be French Championships this winter, but nobody believes it. I think I will immediately get ready for next summer. After that, we can expect anything. The French Elite Championships were maintained, as well as the Masters last weekend, when they concerned the oldest people. It may seem incoherent, besides nobody understands.

How was your return to school?

I had my Bac catching up, and I was accepted in Staps in Amiens, where I settled in shared accommodation. It goes well. For training, it’s a bit complicated for bodybuilding, because I do not have access to the facilities of the Amiens club due to the health crisis. So I do sessions with a friend who has equipment.

Did you resume competition this summer?

Yes. Almost everything has been canceled in Hauts-de-France, but I participated in a few meetings in the Paris region, especially in Val-de-Marne. They were also qualifying competitions for these French Championships. In Villejuif, at the end of August, I broke my personal best by one centimeter, with a throw of 16.49 m.

So you arrived in great shape …

In any case, I made physical and technical progress this summer. I’ve had some good sessions recently, throwing at 17 or 17.50m. It was still the case Monday evening. Beyond the title of Champion of France, I also wanted to beat my personal best again this weekend. That’s also why I’m disgusted …

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