Basaksehir-PSG (0-2): the ratings of Parisian players

Second outing, second pattern, first victory. A week after the 4-3-3 aligned against Manchester United (2-1 defeat), it was in a 4-4-2 system that Paris got back on the right track at Basaksehir. Without Neymar, left on injury before half an hour, but with Danilo in central defense, Marquinhos in the midfield, and the Mbappé-Kean pair at the forefront, PSG won its first success of the season on the European scene on a double from his young Italian joker.

Navas: 7.5. The Costa Rican held the house. He repels Rafaël’s strike with two fists (25th), relaxes well on that of Visca (57th), the pivot strike of Turuc (79th) and maintains his clean sheet on the move this season.

Florenzi: 5.5. The Italian is always interesting on the offensive side. His centers for Kurzawa (32nd), Mbappé (37th) or Kean (47th) bring danger. But far from being as flawless on the defensive level. Replaced by Kehrer (73rd).

Danilo: 6.5. Second exit in central defense for the Portuguese: perfect in the cover, present of the head, he is reassuring and makes a clean copy. Throws itself well on the center of Visca (52nd).

Kimpembe: 6.5. The strong and restless Crivelli gave him a job in the first half. He misses a header that gives Basaksehir the first opportunity (10th), but regains all his strength, especially in the second half when he prevents Visca from hitting in the box (50th).

Kurzawa: 6. The left side was again full of life. Sometimes taken from behind on the defensive level, he often exported his freshness to the opposing camp as during his half-volley above (32nd) or the beautiful exchange with Di Maria (33rd).

Di Maria: 4. Discreet at the start of the match, the Argentinian placed a good curled shot deflected for a corner (18th), and another cross which grazed the post. But short of form, he takes no risks and has little influence on the game. Replaced by Rafinha (73rd).

Herrera: 4.5. The Spaniard has covered a lot of ground but was also wrong in some of his choices and made some avoidable mistakes.

Marquinhos: 4.5. His way of defending low and from a distance sometimes put the defensive block in difficulty. Interesting in its orientation of the game.

Neymar (not rated). Far from his usual level and influence, he went out on injury before half an hour into the game. Replaced by Sarabia (26th, note 4.5), rather restless. But like Mbappé’s service that he sends in the clouds (46th), the Spaniard is still lacking in the finish.

Kean: 7. Four days after his first double in Ligue 1, the Italian has given the cover for the first start of his career in the Champions League. Invisible in the first period, he opened the scoring with an uncrossed header (64th) before doubling the bet on a magnificent sequence of right-foot pivot control and left foot (79th).

Mbappé: 6. His seventh scoreless Champions League game could have seen him string together assists, although he also often tried to make a difference on his own. But he offers the opener to Kean from a corner (64th).

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