Basaksehir-PSG: “Marquinhos is not in the shape of his life”, notes Jallet

Last captain of PSG before the reign of Thiago Silva, it is at the microphone of the Téléfoot channel that Christophe Jallet, ex-international (16 selections), 36, witnessed the victory of his former club on Wednesday night in front of Basaksehir. A success, according to him “important for morale” despite Neymar’s injury, which does not, however, mask a disappointing overall performance.

What did you think of PSG’s performance in Istanbul?

CHRISTOPHE JALLET. I was a bit disappointed, I found PSG a bit sluggish. In particular, I was expecting another first period, with more control and a lively reaction after last week’s loss to Manchester. I thought it took a long time to take shape. It took a set piece for Paris to be a little quieter, although I felt the Turks could be dangerous with each of their offensive.

Do you think that we have seen a Paris with two faces?

The second period was more interesting because the Parisians put more commitment, there was a tactical reorganization and we saw goals. But basically, it was complicated. When we see the mastery of City on Tuesday against OM, it’s something else. However, Paris is vice-champion of Europe. The Parisians have conceded a lot of chances, I did not feel a serene team, master of its subject. So of course there was no Neymar (Editor’s note: released on injury in the 26th minute). There is quality. Kylian is a big match, Kean gets a double… But there are flaws, it lacks binding, especially because Di Maria is less well. You don’t feel a team in full possession of its means. I do not know if it is mental or physical but it is not the PSG that we know which controls its matches from start to finish. Paris was still scared.

Who do you think are the men of the match?

Kean was efficient and decisive, even though we didn’t see him in the first half. He does the right thing twice. Mbappé makes all the differences in front, we feel that the opponents are afraid of him. It is the offensive engine. The central hinge held up. Danilo is very efficient in the air, Presnel (Kimpembe) tore himself away, they held the house even though they had experienced dangerous situations. And obviously, there is Navas who keeps the team in the game. Him, it is the comprehensive insurance!

Which sector has been more in difficulty?

In the middle, I did not find Marquinhos in the form of his life. There is something wrong with his attitude. He, who always has a winning temperament, did not have his usual grinta. He is not ready ? Is it too fair? He does not return 200% to defensive retreats, he loses balls that he is not used to losing… He is at the heart of the game and necessarily, the team is in his image, sometimes wait-and-see. Fatigue and the absent surely play a role. But there is a world between this PSG and that of the Final 8 in Lisbon.

Paris has nevertheless recovered in the direction of the Champions League …

Yes and for confidence, morale and the accounting aspect, it was important. Paris was under pressure from the result before the big match that awaits them in Leipzig. It’s a good thing to have won. They knew how to do it, that’s the positive point. We can’t just hit the team that has just won… But we are demanding with Paris, we want to see it better.

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