Basketball: the mayor of Cholet threatens to ban league matches


The troubles are piling up above the baskets. On September 18, a few hours before the kick-off of the final of the Women’s Coupe de France, the clubs of Bourges and Asvel confronted the French Federation with a fait accompli and refused to play this match at the Accor Arena. in Paris due to numerous cases of Covid-19 in their ranks. On Sunday, Asvel was once again at the heart of a controversy by allowing a player who tested positive to play – barely 40 seconds – during a match of the Jeep Elite championship in Cholet.

The club claims to have read the result “a few minutes before kick-off”. “The information was transmitted immediately to the LNB and our staff has, in accordance with sporting regulations, released this player registered as a holder on the scoresheet, at the first stoppage of play,” said the club’s statement from Tony Parker.

But the damage was done for Gilles Bourdouleix, mayor of Cholet. The latter therefore decided to “file a complaint for endangering the life of others against the coach of Asvel ( Editor’s note: Fred Fauthoux ), which put the player on the floor, against the player ( Norris Cole ), against the club and against the Basketball League ( LNB ) ”. An extremely rare action that the city council assumes. He points to “the absurdity of health protocols” which apply in the various sports championships in France and does not exclude also suing the Ministry of Sports which validates these measures.

“It’s surreal in the current health context,” continues Bourdouleix, also a civil lawyer. I do not understand why we force, in the population, contact cases to stay at home for a week and that we leave players on the field while they have trained with positive cases. Even the Prime Minister was isolated a week in Matignon after learning that the director of the Tour de France (Editor’s note: Christian Prudhomme, who is also Bourdouleix’s brother-in-law ), with whom he had spent an afternoon in the car, had tested positive. Sport is treated differently. It’s all about the money. But in ten years, we will not care that football, rugby or basketball championships have been upset, on the other hand the dead of the Covid will still be in the cemetery. You have to know what the priority is. “

He knows it. “If I learn that an opposing club has a positive case among its players, I will take an order to prohibit entry to the room, warns the mayor of Cholet since 1995. It is in my power and it is a decision of public interest. The goal is for these players to be isolated for 7 days until the next tests. It may upset the championship calendar but it’s better than seeing people infected. It is a dangerous situation. I will go all the way. “

According to the regulations, it is up to the Regional Health Agency (ARS) to designate contact cases after being informed of a positive case. The Cholet club, he could lose the match by forfeit if an opponent is not welcomed in his room. “He will have to find another room”, explains the LNB which, after 4 days of Jeep Elite, has already had to postpone 10 matches for health reasons.

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