Boycott of Mélenchon, uncomfortable Rubirola, BHL… Three highlights of “You have the floor” on France 2

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A first, which gave rise to several striking scenes. The political program of France 2 “You have the floor” was, for the first time this Thursday evening, completely relocated outside Paris. It was in Marseille that the hosts Thomas Sotto and Léa Salamé invited Olivier Véran to speak on the Covid-19 crisis.

The Minister of Health (behind whom the Champions League trophy won by OM in 1993 was enthroned) was also able to debate in front of the mayor of Marseille, Michèle Rubirola, caregivers, and several personalities from the civil society. Jean-Luc Mélenchon was himself finally absent. Here are three highlights to remember from this evening.

Mélenchon boycotts, the show defends itself

He was announced as one of the main guests. But Jean-Luc Mélenchon gave a false leap a few minutes before the broadcast on France 2. Denouncing a “change in the organization of the show”, the leader of rebellious France criticizes the channel for having granted too important a place for Olivier Véran. “Political programs must respect their guests. On the public service, the opponents also have rights. Castex, Macron, Véran following on France 2. We are not their decor ”, he protested on Facebook and on Twitter, referring to the previous“ You have the floor ”with the Prime Minister on September 24 and to the presidential interview on Wednesday evening.

The show’s Twitter account has, at first, soberly indicated that the stage “is open to him until the end of the show”. Then, around 10 pm, when Mélenchon was supposed to make his entrance, Thomas Sotto indicated that he had “demanded” that Olivier Véran “leave the stage to intervene”. “This is a condition that was never discussed. […] It is obvious that we keep the editorial control of this program ”, politely rebelled the host, saying“ regret this choice ”. “Salamé and Sotto are liars. They do not control their editorial line: it’s just chaos, ”Jean-Luc Mélenchon retorted from a distance.

This episode is not likely to rewarm the regularly tense relationship that the member for Marseille has with France Televisions. On April 17, he denounced a “program of pure propaganda” and “without the right to speak for a single opponent”, the day after a special evening devoted to the consequences of the health crisis on European countries.

Rubirola’s “lunar” intervention

Very discreet since his election as mayor of Marseille on July 4, Michèle Rubirola made a very noticed appearance. She was not on set, yet installed at the Velodrome stadium, but in duplex from her office… whose walls echoed her words with a strong echo. The councilor, visibly a little intimidated and uncomfortable, seemed to read her notes regularly on a screen placed on the table in front of her. Saying “angry”, she notably denounced a “lack of hospital resources”.

“What will be the impact of the curfew on places of contamination such as workplaces, catering, universities? None ”, she also tackled, taking up an argument put forward the day before by Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Wednesday evening, the leader of rebellious France had asserted that “60% of contaminations take place at work or at school or at university between 8 am and 7 pm”. What is unverifiable in the state, since this percentage corresponds in reality to the “clusters” which represent only a tiny part (approximately 6%) of the contaminations since the beginning of the deconfinement.

Technical problems finally disrupted the end of the exchanges between the mayor of Marseille with Olivier Véran and with the other guests present on the set. Her intervention was described as “lunar” by many viewers who commented on her on social networks, while a few others defended her by arguing that she had “not been elected to speak well on TV” .

BHL: “A curfew is when the Germans are in Paris”

The curfew, from 9 p.m. in Île-de-France and in eight cities? Not to the taste of Bernard Henri-Levy. “A curfew is when the Germans are in Paris, it is when there are attacks by the OAS, it could be justified when there are Islamist attacks in Paris”, criticized the author recent “The virus that drives you mad”, accusing the government of making a “mistake”.

“There is another virus, it is that of fear, that of panic, and it is almost as dangerous as the other”, he again tackled in a monologue that the journalists had trouble to interrupt. “There now, we must let the minister answer, there we are going to cut, let him speak! »Exclaimed Léa Salamé after a while. Olivier Véran was finally able to retort: ​​“Mr. Bernard-Henri Lévy, I’m pretty sure, if I had to read your book, not to find ways to save lives. “

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