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Brexit: a “no deal” is looming, discussions “stumble on everything, everything!”  annoys Macron

“If there is not a fundamental change” on the part of Europeans on post-Brexit trade, a “no deal” is looming for January 1, 2021, warned British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Discussions escalated after Thursday’s EU summit, where the 27 demanded concessions from London, while saying they wanted to continue talks to reach a free trade deal before next year, when EU rules cease to apply. apply to UK.

But the United Kingdom opposed him on Friday with an end of inadmissibility and threatens to leave the ship with a “no-deal”, which would mark the introduction of quotas and customs duties between the block of 27 and the United Kingdom , and would block access to British waters for European fishermen.

Macron gets carried away

Discussions between London and the 27 on Brexit “stumble on everything, everything!” “, Well beyond fishing, got carried away Emmanuel Macron. “The British need an agreement more than the European Union! He tweeted.

“The problem is far from being just fishing, it is much more fundamental”, replied the French president to a journalist who asked him if he was ready for a failure of the EU-London negotiations because of the blockage on fishing. .

The EU “is not about making people happy” Johnson

“The state of our discussions is not that we are stumbling over fishing,” he continued. “It is a tactical subject used by the British, because in the event of no deal this would be the only subject where Boris Johnson could say: I won “, He accused, while trying to Boris Johnson:” The 27 are not intended to make the Prime Minister of Great Britain happy. “

“Our main problem is the rules of fair competition. Our proposal, which corresponds to our agreement with Switzerland, is access to the single market in return for compliance with our health, environmental and social rules in terms of State aid. The British proposal is access to the single market without respecting the rules. It is unacceptable, ”insisted Emmanuel Macron. “A bad deal is more serious” than a “no deal”, he added, while refusing to play the game of “Brexiters”.

Without compromise and in speed

The President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, currently in quarantine, had nevertheless assured that European negotiators would go to London next week “to intensify” the discussions. But the Prime Minister’s spokesperson replied: “From our point of view, the trade negotiations are over. The EU has de facto put an end to it ”.

“There is no point in a visit to London Michel Barnier unless he is ready to discuss in an accelerated manner […] without the UK having to make all the concessions […]. Otherwise, it’s not worth it. “Otherwise Boris Johnson seems determined to send everything waltz.

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