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Bruce Springsteen: “Donald Trump is going to lose, and our long nightmare will finally come to an end”

“Donald Trump is going to lose. Joe Biden will win. And our long nightmare will finally end. “Bruce Springsteen told us Monday night, live from his recording studio in New Jersey. After forty minutes of virtual round table discussions with twenty European journalists, the “Boss” ends up commenting on the future American presidential election. “I’m sure he (Editor’s note: Trump) will not be elected for a second term, he continues. I would really like there was a tidal wave so that there was no debate on the winner. I hope there will be no shenanigans and that we will not have to wait a month or two for the results. This is my prayer. “

We expected no less from Springsteen, unwavering support of the Democratic camp. Again Tuesday, on the occasion of Donald Trump’s visit to Pennsylvania, he broadcast on his social networks a film dismantling his policy with his song “Streets Of Philadelphia” in the background. For half a century, the 71-year-old rocker has been the voice of the voiceless, the working-class conscience of the star system, lambasting a warrior country in “Born In The USA” – wrongly considered in Europe as a patriotic song – recounting the forgotten from the American dream in “The Ghost Of Tom Joad”, denouncing racism and police violence in “American Skin (41 shots)” in 2014…

“I still have confidence in the American people”

His new album is not political – with the exception of the demagogue song “Rainmaker” originally addressed to George Bush – but it is a big event. “Letter To You”, which will be released on October 23, seals his reunion with his group, the legendary E Street Band, their first original songs since the album “Born In The USA”, which made him a planetary rock star, in 1984.

And it is a total success as long as we taste the most lyrical, energetic and radiophonic Springsteen, that of “Dancing In The Dark” and “Hungry Heart”. Intimate and nostalgic, this album was written largely a year ago after the death of the last member of his very first group, The Castiles, from 1965 to and 1968. A loss that made him realize how lucky he was to be. ‘still being alive and the importance of being in a rock band.

Springsteen is obviously very sensitive to recent police blunders and the Black Lives Matter movement launched in response. “You cannot live in a society where, if you are a person of color, you risk being shot for a small offense or because you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is time in the United States to end this. “

For him, this movement is “very positive”. “When it turns into violence, it’s not good for anyone, but if you look at the size and number of the marches around the world, they’ve been mostly peaceful,” he said. So I think this is a healthy move, in terms of moving America’s civil rights forward in a more humane direction, a direction that history demands. “

The “Boss” wants to be optimistic. “I believe that the United States will remain a united nation, regardless of the tensions and differences that exist between some of its inhabitants at this time. I believe a lot of what you see on TV is a minority of people fueling hysteria, whether it’s the militias or you know […] I still have confidence in the American people, in the American idea. We were stung and it hurt, but we are far from screwed. Keep the faith my brothers and sisters. All is not lost. “

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