Budget 2021: rififi in the Assembly after the accusations of censorship of Ruffin

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The climate is tense in the Assembly between the left and the right and it is not only on the government’s decision not to claim compensation for the cuts in production taxes. A video by François Ruffin, where the rebellious deputy calls into question the sorting of amendments to the budget, operated by the services of the National Assembly, provoked “indignation” in the hemicycle on Tuesday evening.

In this little film that he tweeted, the elected representative of the Somme shows the room where the amendments are deemed inadmissible and criticizes “political censorship”.

The chairman of the Finance Committee Eric Woerth (LR) spoke at the start of the session on Tuesday evening to denounce a “questioning” of his “probity”, the sorting being done under his responsibility, as well as “of the administrators” of his committee who “spend a lot of time” on the amendments.

In turn, the budget rapporteur Laurent Saint-Martin (LREM) expressed his “indignation” at a video described as “inadmissible”.

Article 40 at the heart of the debates

In this sequence, François Ruffin emphasizes that as a deputy, “if you want to give a bonus to childminders or housekeepers, you can’t”. It is true, explained Eric Woerth: “We can always fight against the Constitution” but it is its article 40 which applies there. This prescribes that parliamentarians’ amendments are inadmissible if they “result in either a reduction in public resources, or the creation or aggravation of public office”.

This article of the fundamental law is “an ignominy”, estimated Ugo Bernalicis, the only elected LFI present in session. “Yes, there will be a Sixth Republic, we will put an end to these methods,” he said. Eric Woerth at first replied curtly: “If article 40 deleted anything, you would be the first to be deleted.”

The president of the Finance Committee then sought to oppose statistics: “Article 40 is not a political maneuver”, insisted Eric Woerth, the group knowing the largest number of inadmissible amendments being that of the Republicans , followed by LREM. “It’s bad theater, it’s unacceptable,” continued the former minister, pointing to “a staging organized by LFI”.

The rebellious Caroline Fiat had protested earlier in the Social Affairs Committee against the number of amendments to the Social Security draft budget also deemed inadmissible. The Member of Parliament for Meurthe-et-Moselle came shortly after to the Chamber to defend her position, relaunching discussions on this subject.

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