“Canna-mayors”: these right-wing elected officials who defend the legalization of cannabis

They nicknamed themselves the “canna-mayors”. The joke has even become the name of the WhatsApp group on which this ten elected representatives of the right and the exchange center for a few weeks. All gathered around a certainty, not common in their political family: we must legalize cannabis. Gathered (virtually) around the deputy (ex-LR) of Essonne Robin Reda, Monday evening, they recorded the creation of a working group on the subject, as announced by Release.

These elected officials share one observation: the failure of the policy of “prohibition” and repression. “France is one of the most repressive countries, and paradoxically, the one with the greatest number of consumers. And that concerns all classes, all ages, ”explains Arnaud Robinet, pharmacologist by profession and mayor (LR) of Reims. If cannabis has become commonplace, the safety and health risk associated with its trafficking would have increased. “The situation is getting worse, with more kalach settling of scores”, reports Gil Averous, mayor (LR) of Châteauroux. The other negative point: in recent years, the level of THC (main active molecule) contained in cannabis has increased significantly, in order to accustom the consumer. “The young person who falls into it has a greater risk of being addicted”, warns Averous.

Among this group of mayors, we find Boris Ravignon, (LR) from Charleville-Mézières, Ludovic Toro (UDI) from Coubron, in Seine-Saint-Denis, or Ronan Loas, (ex-LR) from Ploemeur. Most of them have forged this conviction at the head of their city. “It’s a difficult subject to bring up when you are from the right and the center”, recognizes Ronan Loas, who defends himself by smiling: “we are not a club of hippies! “. These “canna-mayors” want to take control over the marketing of cannabis to stifle traffic, fight against insecurity, and ensure that the product is less harmful. All also evoke the economic windfall available to a State “regulator” of consumption. “This would be used to invest more in prevention and to give more resources to the police to fight against trafficking”, list Ronan Loas.

“Legalizing cannabis will not stop trafficking”

At the beginning of October, Averous, Ravignon and Robinet signed a platform defending legalization. In the process, another text, signed by more than 80 right-wing parliamentarians, responded sharply. “It is not because the police have difficulty in dealing with trafficking that the practice must be legalized! Otherwise it would also be necessary to legalize arms trafficking, tax evasion, prostitution and no longer penalize excessive speeds at the wheel! »Retort in particular the drafters of the text, initiated by the deputy (LR) of the Ardennes Pierre Cordier. “100% of young people who consume heroin or coke have started to cannabis”, reminds us the elected official, and to add that “legalizing cannabis will not put an end to trafficking, the dealers will seize other drugs ”.

“I share the concerns of my colleagues, but laxity is the status quo,” replied Robin Réda, also chairman of an information mission on the various uses of cannabis in the Assembly. He hopes, in the coming months, to expand his working group to “formulate a comprehensive proposal to fight against drug-related problems.” Well aware that he must grope his way. Claiming to convince the right to advocate legalization by 2022? Some would ask him what he could have smoked.

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