Caricatures: Senior UN official calls for “mutual respect”

When the UN takes over the debate on cartoons. The High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations of the United Nations, the Spaniard Miguel Angel Moratinos, called on Wednesday in a statement “for mutual respect of all religions and beliefs”, without commenting directly on the words of the French president defending the right to caricature the Prophet Muhammad.

He “follows with deep concern the growing tensions and cases of intolerance triggered by the publication of satirical caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, which Muslims consider insulting and deeply offensive,” said this statement released by his spokesperson.

“The incendiary cartoons have also provoked acts of violence against innocent civilians who have been attacked for their religion, belief or ethnicity,” regrets the UN official, without further clarification.

Boycotts of French products

“Insults to religions and sacred religious symbols cause hatred and violent extremism leading to the polarization and fragmentation of society,” he said in the statement.

During a national tribute, Emmanuel Macron defended the caricatures of the prophet after the beheading on October 16 during an Islamist attack on a French teacher, Samuel Paty, who had shown them to a class during a course on the freedom of expression.

Across the Muslim world, worshipers reacted angrily to protests at the French president’s remarks as a campaign was launched in several countries to boycott French products.

Caricatures: tens of thousands of protesters against France in Bangladesh

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