Champions League: in Marseille, culprits on all floors

“We do shit. “André Villas-Boas is lucid on the level of the Marseillais. In Porto, on Tuesday, OM lost their twelfth consecutive match in the Champions League, a sad record shared in this event with Anderlecht (3-0). A sad record, also reflecting a mixed start to the season: Marseille is already dropped in C1 and is only fifth in Ligue 1 (with a late match). Who are responsible for these poor performances?

André Villas-Boas in turmoil

The Portuguese technician is at the heart of criticism. Main attack: its too late changes. Led 2-0 by Porto in the 28th minute, he waited for the 65th to make his first replacement. His tactical experiments are also targeted by supporters. “We wonder if he is working his systems in training or if he tries random poker moves,” fulminates Fabrice, used to the bends of the Vélodrome. This season, AVB has moved away from its usual 4-3-3 to try systems with five defenders (against Manchester City) or a 4-4-2 diamond.

A success against Bordeaux, a disaster in Porto. “It’s not good to change organization all the time,” points out Albert Emon, one of his predecessors on the Marseille bench. The latter is also difficult to explain why Villas-Boas uses so little Valère Germain and Kostas Mitroglou: “You can never ignore the players who are in a workforce. You can’t break someone like that! “

Payet, Thauvin, Benedetto, harmless offensives

The motto “straight to the point” appears on the OM crest, but not in the statistics tables. Marseille have only scored 10 goals in 11 games this season, all in Ligue 1. Half of them were scored by defensive players. “We see Florian Thauvin trying things, but it’s not enough, he has not recovered to the level before his injury, said former OM defender Victor Zvunka. Dimitri Payet clearly has a physical problem and is only good intermittently. And we hardly see Dario Benedetto! “

For Albert Emon, “the offensive players are not at the top physically, but they are especially caught in a spiral of lack of confidence. When one of them manages to do ten meters with the ball, the others look at him… There is no more coordination! “

Payet is particularly targeted by the supporters: “He makes no effort to stay at the top level, it is professional misconduct,” accuses “JC”, former Commando Ultra. “Our starlets are hiding, assert the South Winners in a statement. We hear them in the press or on social networks, but we do not see them in the rectangle of truth. “

The management, discreet, holds the course

We also do not see the president Jacques-Henri Eyraud, very discreet this season. “The management has shown the full extent of its blatant incompetence,” write the South Winners in their fire. “JHE” has decided not to comment in the heat of Porto’s rout. But he told the locker room executives and Villas-Boas that he was “not at all satisfied”, a relative slips us.

He does not intend, however, to question everything after these three European defeats. Even if it did not allow to recruit either an experienced player or an effective center forward, the transfer window was not missed, assures a leader. “Criticism from supporters is normal, blows this high-ranking source. We have made consistent decisions, you have to be patient. This is not the primary quality of OM fans.

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