Champions League: Neymar-Mbappé, new campaign, last common challenge

It’s their last surprise party! Opposed to Manchester United this Tuesday evening (9 p.m.), Neymar and Kylian Mbappé put the cover back this season in the Champions League for a final abuse (for the opponents) high-end. In any case, this is the logic of their contract when their Parisian engagement ends in June 2022. If Paris does not manage to extend them, the risk is great of seeing them play their last joint season in Paris.

In the immediate future, the most problematic extension concerns Kylian Mbappé. Given his potential, his 21 years and his impeccable image, it is first and foremost that the capital club would like to keep a few more years. But the world champion is wary of an agreement that would bind him for several more seasons without having the freedom to leave.

Lately, when major or emerging elements have left PSG, it’s free, from Kingsley Coman to Adrien Rabiot, from Thomas Meunier to Tanguy Kouassi. They refused to engage again in order to leave as they pleased and not according to that of their employer, who each time tried to catch them by the sleeve. To avoid finding himself in this situation, Mbappé has only one option: to leave after four seasons in Paris. His freedom would allow decision-makers to touch a jackpot – around 200 million euros – which paves the way for an overhaul of the workforce.

Euro, Olympics, Champions League …

For the moment, negotiations between the two parties to extend the King de Bondy’s lease in the capital have not been successful. There is little chance that a turnaround will occur. But, for this season when he is also aiming for the Euro and the Olympics, this Paris lover dreams of a last challenge in his club at heart: to lift the Champions League. He almost did it with his friend Neymar last August, victims of the superiority of Bayern Munich (1-0) in the final during the tournament organized to complete the competition disrupted by the pandemic.

Their duo caused sparks even though neither of the two cracks scored. The Frenchman missed opportunities at the same time that he was never fully recovered from his sprained ankle, caused by Loïc Perrin’s tackle in the Coupe de France final at the end of July. That’s kind of the problem with this dream ticket: since the two forwards were teamed up in 2017, they have played very few big games together (the Brazilian was injured the first two seasons) and rarely 100%. their capabilities when they did.

Neymar waits for a sign from PSG

This time they hope to be for their last European ball in this special year where the risk of injury increases due to the cessation of competitions for four months and an overloaded schedule since their resumption. For now, everything is okay. Mbappé has just struck the spirits with his goals in Croatia or Nîmes even if he is not yet at the top level while Neymar has just exceeded, with 64 goals, the number of goals for Ronaldo in the selection. The two men are going through their best period since playing at PSG and the idea is to maintain this pace until the final on May 29, 2021 at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul.

By then, the club and its two prodigies will have found a contractual solution. No doubt unable to keep Mbappé, PSG will try to extend Neymar but for the moment, the talks have not started, to the chagrin of the Brazilian clan. After wanting to go on the sly in the summer of 2019, the number 10 feels really good in France and within PSG, one of the few clubs in the world to be able to offer him this salary and more if he pursues the match. ‘adventure.

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