Champions League: the march was too high for Rennes

The learning of the Champions League continues for Rennes, defeated this Wednesday evening in Seville (1-0). Back in Andalusia, where they had written, in February 2019, the most beautiful page of their continental history against the neighbor of Bétis (3-1), the Bretons, deprived of Nzonzi and Camavinga, gave in in the second half on a blow from the Dutch striker De Jong (56th).

This failure is not infamous on the land of a club now backed by a series of 13 home invincibility matches in European competitions, with a total of 11 wins and 2 draws. But from an accounting point of view, it forces the partners of Da Silva to achieve a real feat on November 4 at Chelsea. The Blues have rolled Krasnodar (4-0) and present themselves as the scarecrows of a hen where a fairly clear hierarchy begins to be established.

Suffocated by the Andalusians

For Rennes, the difficulty rose a notch. Held in check for their first steps in C1 (1-1) against Krasnodar, neophytes like them, Julien Stephan’s players moved to Sevilla FC, holding the Europa League. At the end of a one-sided first period, it was hard to see how they were going to turn their backs on a negative dynamic translated into the figures by four unsuccessful games.

Without a vigilant Gomis, they would have even had to run after the score. Failure to completely loosen the embrace after the break, the Bretons raised their heads somewhat. They did not succeed, however, in causing any real problems for the Andalusians. Apart from a free kick on target from Grenier (70th), Bounou was reduced to technical unemployment.

In the end, Rennes, generally stifled by its host in the heart of the game, will not imitate Paris in 1994-1995 or Auxerre in 1996-1997, the only two French clubs to have won their first away match in the Ligue des champions. “It’s a logical victory for Sevilla, admits Julien Stéphan. I saw a courageous Rennes team, which were very determined to defend at all costs. After that we lacked strength in the use of the ball, a little control also on certain sequences to take the ball higher and create certain situations. We missed all of that. But in terms of the state of mind I have nothing to reproach the players. “

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