Comprehensive security bill: Darmanin wants to calm things down

Mired in a controversy around the famous article 24 of its proposed law “comprehensive security”, which provides for penalizing the dissemination of images of the police, the executive will he end up backtracking? This evening at 7:30 p.m. in Jean Castex’s office, it is in any case a summit meeting, and not foreseen in the initial agenda of the Prime Minister, who must gather around him the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin, the President of the LREM group at the Christophe Castaner Assembly, as well as the presidents of the Laws and Cultural Affairs committees.

“There is a need to calm things down, we are being overtaken on this subject in the public opinion”, recognizes a high-ranking officer of En Marche !, while this measure has raised for several days an outcry from the side of the representatives of journalists, but also in the opposition… as in the own ranks of the presidential majority of which certain parliamentarians see in it an attack on public freedoms. Conversely, it is largely supported by the police unions.

VIDEO. Hundreds of demonstrators in front of the National Assembly against the “comprehensive security” law

“This article 24 is a rotten board, it’s a shame because the rest of the text is really good and necessary in the security context of the moment”, grumbled a deputy. So tonight, several options should be put on the table. “The idea is to find a solution. We will not leave this meeting without having made progress on the subject, ”concedes an adviser to the executive.

No question of deleting the disputed article

One thing is certain, no question of deleting the contentious article. But to calm the spirits, Gérald Darmanin will come this evening with a proposal. “After an exchange with the Prime Minister, he will propose an amendment so that it is specified in article 24 that the freedom of the press is of course not threatened”, specifies his entourage. “This provision is without prejudice to the legitimate interest of the public to be informed”, will clarify the amendment. The Minister of the Interior will also propose to add the adverb “obviously” in order to characterize the intention to film in a malicious manner.

At the end of last week, Darmanin had offended some Walkers by evoking a hardening of the measure, via the mandatory blurring of the police. Then sown again the trouble Wednesday, by affirming that the journalists “must get closer to the authorities” before the demonstrations to “be able to report, to do (their) work”. Recovering in the evening, asserting that it was not an obligation. With this proposed amendment, will the controversy be over? “For us, yes”, wants to believe a close friend of Jean Castex.

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