Confinement: play sports with a broom, tights … the tips of a coach

An apartment too small to accommodate a… home bike. A rower collecting dust in the back of the garage. A weight bench that does not fit into the budget. Yes, but that’s no excuse for not playing sports at home during confinement. Because you don’t need cutting-edge equipment to exercise. “All everyday objects can be used and transformed for training,” assures the joyful and dynamic Belgian sports coach Julie Debatty, creator of the Karéobic concept.

The former karate champion, for a time licensed in Paris, has become a specialist in system D-style sport and publishes many videos on the subject on her YouTube channel, her blog or her social networks. Before giving her tips, she wishes to warn: “The most important thing is to have good posture, if you don’t want to hurt or injure yourself. “

A helping hand to take with the broom

Who doesn’t have a broom at home? Ideal “for stretching and stretching exercises”, according to our expert, its use is very simple. The most common exercise is to position the handle behind the shoulders and then place your hands on either side. And let’s go for rotations from left to right, the stomach contracted. Julie Debatty Corsica, she, the session. “You can remove the brush from the broom and hang two buckets full of canned food, cans or sacks of rice on either side. It makes a bar to lift, it’s perfect for working the arms. »Be careful though to keep the balance so as not to have to clean up afterwards!

Water bottles for dumbbells

No confidence in the buckets? The coach has another very popular technique for building your arms, shoulders and chest. “You can use anything that has a little weight as a dumbbell. Bottles of water are the base. Depending on its level, you can take small bottles or those of 2 liters. “The sturdiest will opt for packs. It also works with cans or books, although pocket editions are bound to be less effective.

Chair games

Table, chairs, sofa, almost all the furniture can be used. “With the chair, there are plenty of exercises, like opening and closing the knees or lifting one leg then the other,” advises Julie Debatty. With a swivel chair, you can also work on your waist and your abs discreetly at the office. For the leg curls, we pretend to sit down and go down to brush against the seat. For arm bends, place your hands on the seat, back to the chair. “You can also do pull-ups by lying under the table and supporting yourself with your hands, but it has to be solid,” smiles the fitness teacher. There are also plenty of possibilities with an armchair, a sofa, on the edge of the bathtub or the bed. “

Test your resistance with a plaid or tights

Old clothes stored in a closet can have a second life. “Dish towels, rags, plaid, anything that slides on the floor can be used for exercises,” confirms Julie Debatty. She even suggests replacing the fitness elastic with… tights. “It may not be as strong, but it allows you to have a little resistance, especially to stretch. »With fairly strong tights and placed under the feet in a seated position, we can try to reproduce the movements of the rower which use almost all the muscles of the body. The bravest will toughen up their push-ups, squats and other core exercises with a full backpack. “It was very trendy during the first confinement,” says the expert. We fill it with a whole bunch of stuff, and we squeeze very tight at the waist so that it is well glued to the body. It’s like a weighted vest. “

The right to run down the stairs

To work the thighs and tone the heart – the famous cardio – nothing like running stairs to go up and down. However, beware of the fall! “A few years ago, I made a video where I walked up and down the stairs. People would say to me: I live in a building, and I can’t see myself doing this in front of my neighbors, laughs at the old karateka. Sure, it’s better in a house, but why not? It’s fun and hypercardio. »One walk will suffice for step enthusiasts, a flagship exercise in fitness. Simple, but complete. In the absence of a step, it is always possible to mount a stack of ledgers or comics. As long as you don’t stick to it too much …

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