Conflans attack: Mélenchon sows trouble by attacking the Chechens

White-heated. Sunday, October 18 in the evening on the LCI set, while the emotion provoked by the murder of Samuel Paty, a teacher from Conflans-Sainte-Honorine (Yvelines) killed by a young Chechen, was still very strong, Jean- Luc Mélenchon engaged in a charge against all the Chechens which stunned, in particular on the left.

“I think there is a problem with the Chechen community in France,” he said. After recalling the disturbances caused in June in Dijon by a group of Chechens who came to settle scores, the leader of the rebels then launched: “We must take up one by one all the files of the Chechens present in France. And all those who have an activity on social networks, as was the case with the murderer or others, who have activities of political Islamism must be captured and expelled ”. Words, a tone and a rhetoric that we are more used to hearing on the far right than on the side of the chessboard where Jean-Luc Mélenchon is located in principle. According to M6, Chechen associations intend to file a complaint for incitement to hatred against the leader of LFI.

“The problem is political Islamism, not the Chechens, protests Olivier Faure, the boss of the Socialist Party. The murderer of Yvelines was Chechen, others before were not. Not wanting to clearly designate political Islamism, one comes to essentialize one nation rather than another. “Guillaume Lacroix, the leader of the radicals on the left, is even more incisive:” To attack the Chechens in general, on Mélenchon’s part, it is a red herring, a way for him to make people forget that he was the main relay in France of theislamophobia. When we relay this concept from Pakistan or the Muslim Brotherhood, it’s because we’ve lost our compass! “

“Mélenchon is very ambiguous”

The participation of the deputy of Bouches-du-Rhône, on November 10, 2019 in a march against controversial Islamophobia, shunned by many politicians, many of whom accused him of being infiltrated by Islamists, remains in everyone’s mind. The president of the Ile-de-France region, Valérie Pécresse, alluded to it in a tweet: “I reject all those who have been in all the parades and all the petitions with the Islamists the right to have a clear conscience. and to be exempt from all liability by showing (Editor’s note, Sunday in République). Mélenchon is very ambiguous on this point ”.

Remained close to the leader of the Insoumis, Senator Marie-Noëlle Lienemann continues to support her friend of thirty years: “He could have been a little more diplomatic, but basically, that does not make me rise to the curtains, because we have a a real problem, on a recurring basis, with the Chechen community ”. “We have granted them fairly widely the right of asylum, but when we see what it produces, we have the right to wonder,” she said. LFI deputy for Seine-Saint-Denis, Eric Coquerel – who was present on Sunday as well as on November 10 against Islamophobia – also remains right in his boots: “We will always strike blows at terrorism, but we will also always be side of those who are attacked for their religion. “He just admits that” the word community came out a bit quickly, I think Jean-Luc thinks so too … “

“I am not talking about the Chechen community”

Member of the LFI group in the Assembly, Clémentine Autain first said she was outraged by the attacks carried out on Sunday by Manuel Valls. “Jean-Luc Mélenchon has a very great responsibility in everything that happened, in this relationship of the left with this fight against Islamism”, had tackled the former Prime Minister. “Sunday was a day of homage, of republican gathering and of humanity, condemns Autain, it was not the place to settle scores. The argued political debate must come after, but not on the basis of unspeakable anathemas as Valls does, which is customary. “

But the deputy for Seine-Saint-Denis does not adhere to the words of her leader. “I am not talking about the Chechen community, because it is not a bloc. When we brought them in, it was because they were fleeing the war. This community term does not correspond to Jean-Luc’s usual vocabulary ”. A new flaw in the rebellious house?

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