Conflans attack: Republicans draw anti-immigration card

The right shows its biggest tube. A little more than a week after the attack which cost the life of the teacher Samuel Paty, The Republicans shout (almost) all in chorus: the fight against Islamist terrorism could not happen, according to them, d ‘a drastic reduction in immigration. The president of LR, Christian Jacob, hammered it all week on the sets: “Evoke today radical Islamism and communitarianism by saying that there is no link with immigration, it is to hide the face, ”expressed Jacob, continuing his thought:“ The laxity of our immigration policy has led us to this. “

“It is at the heart of the rise of terrorism”, understands at the same time the deputy (LR) of the Alpes-Maritimes, Eric Ciotti. It would even be “the breeding ground in which political Islam is rooted” for the LR leader of senators, Bruno Retailleau, in Le Figaro.

Another argument on the right explaining that it is necessary to limit it: the “social tension” experienced by the country, in times of the Covid crisis and on the eve of an unprecedented economic crisis. It is therefore impossible, according to them, to continue to absorb the same number of immigrants each year. This Sunday in the JDD, it is the former presidential hopeful of the right, François Baroin, who went there with his verse on the subject. “The link with Islamism is neither immediate, nor systematic, nor automatic but, with the social tensions which are emerging because of the crisis, it is unthinkable to have the same immigration policy”, argued the mayor (LR) of Troyes. And to assert that this immigration must be “reduced and controlled”.

Distancing yourself from the European Court of Human Rights

Once the observation has been made, the question of the means remains. The leader of LR deputies to the National Assembly, Damien Abad, believes that it is necessary to fix each year in a law, the level considered “acceptable” of immigration, to be modulated according to “the context of social tension” and economic. More radical, the right is also considering distancing itself from the European Court of Human Rights, which notably enshrines the right to family reunification. What LR would like to call into question, to submit it, along with the right of asylum, to this famous logic of annual “ceilings”. Eric Ciotti estimated this week at 500,000 the number of foreigners legally entering French territory.

The question of the management of migratory flows is a recurring criticism of Emmanuel Macron’s policy on the part of the right, which like on other subjects related to the regal and security, believes to have found there one of its weak points. The Conflans-Sainte-Honorine attack, and the ensuing debate on the fight against radical Islamism, is one more opportunity to insist on this subject. And a way to remind the French – they believe – that no, the incumbent president is not on the right. A way, they hope, to migrate again in the heart of an electorate who since 2017 had abandoned them, not seeming to shy away from the policy of the current tenant of the Elysee Palace.

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