Conflans: Mélenchon, who had pointed the finger at the “Chechen community”, admits “a mistake”

The expression of regret did not come directly from his mouth, but from that of LFI number two, Adrien Quatennens. Asked this Tuesday on France 2, he recounted that Jean-Luc Mélenchon had admitted having made “a mistake” by using the term of Chechen “community” with which France would have “a problem”.

“I think there is a problem with the Chechen community in France”, declared the leader of the rebels last Sunday on BFMTV, calling for “expelling” the Chechens who act on the ground of “l ‘political Islamism’, two days after the assassination of Professor Samuel Paty in the Yvelines by a young Chechen Russian.

Asked about France 2 on this term of “community” which surprised in the ranks of LFI, Adrien Quatennens stressed that Jean-Luc Mélenchon “had the opportunity just leaving this show to say that he had made a mistake using the term community, which gives the impression of attacking such and such ”.

“Fighting Islamist terrorism”

“He meant concretely that between the armed attacks a few weeks ago in Dijon and the Conflans attack, obviously there is also a real subject here for our intelligence services that must be explored”, added the deputy LFI.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, regularly accused by his opponents of “Islamo-leftism”, also toughened his tone on Sunday by denouncing, with unusual words in his mouth, “Islamist terrorism”.

“We must fight Islamist terrorism but we must not have a logic of generalized suspicion”, confirmed Adrien Quatennens. “Millions of our fellow citizens suffer to see this barbarity committed in the name of their god, with whom they do not see what he is doing in this story”.

He indicated that the LFI deputies “could agree” with certain provisions that will appear in the law against separatism to be presented to the Council of Ministers on December 9, namely the question of foreign funding of mosques and that of schools. out of contract.

But “before legislating again we need additional material and human resources to apply the existing”, in particular to “strengthen the judicial police” and intelligence resources, he further underlined.

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