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Coronavirus: return to the Assembly of Jean-Luc Reitzer, first infected deputy

He was the first MP to be officially infected with the coronavirus. Now back on his feet after long weeks of convalescence, the LR deputy for Haut-Rhin Jean-Luc Reitzer celebrated his return to the National Assembly on Tuesday.

” Live life! », He exclaimed, to the ovation of his colleagues. “Thank you, I am very touched”, also launched the elected Alsatian to the deputies present, paying “tribute to all the caregivers who have saved so many lives and who deserve our applause. Unfortunately, not everyone has had the chance to beat this damn virus ”.

“You are living proof that this virus affects everyone …”

In a question to the government, Jean-Luc Reitzer briefly mentioned his “four weeks of coma” and “two and a half months of hospitalization” in Mulhouse. Then he called on the Prime Minister to “learn the lessons of this collective ordeal” of the pandemic and not to close any more beds in nearby hospitals.

“What a pleasure to see you again here! », Replied Jean Castex. “You are living proof that this virus affects everyone … And that no one can be spared or sheltered from its damage,” added the Prime Minister, insisting on the means released for the nursing staff.

Jean-Luc Reitzer was the first parliamentarian officially affected by Covid-19 with first symptoms at the end of February, then two and a half months at the Emile-Muller hospital in Mulhouse, including four weeks in a coma. He was able to return home to Altkirch in mid-May, after losing 20 kg.

” Between life and death “

“He was between life and death for very long weeks in intensive care, and was almost taken for granted. He came back to us this morning in great shape and under the ovation of course from all the deputies of the Les Républicains group, ”said LR group president Damien Abad at a press conference on Tuesday morning.

“For a man, you know, it’s a lesson in life. But I didn’t want to die, I still have things to do, ”Jean-Luc Reitzer confided in May, in a long interview with the newspaper L’Alsace. After waking up from a month of coma, “I had to learn everything again, to walk, to drink, to eat, to stand up, all my muscles had melted. I wanted to get out of it, it progressed little by little. […]. I doubted, even depressed, ”he says.

The elected representative also drew lessons from this convalescence, which he intends to use as a parliamentarian. “It will absolutely be necessary to revalue the situation of nursing staff,” he told the local daily, stressing that “we must stop saying fewer doctors, less expenditure. “But it is a long-term action so that (doctors) want to come back to small establishments”, he also concluded.

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