Coupe de France: in Noisy-le-Sec, the Noiséenne shines in the shadow of the Olympic

One Noisy can hide another. In the shadow of Olympique Banlieue 93, which evolved for a decade in National in the 1990s, their second club in the city of Noisy-le-Sec is starting to make a name for itself. Thanks to the magic of the Coupe de France, the Association Sportive et Sociale Noiséenne managed to climb to the 5th round of the event for the first time in its history.

Created in 2008, the little club continues to climb the ranks. Resident of Departmental 2 (10th Division), the team coached by Ousmane Kaba will face US Ivry on Sunday (3 pm), which plays five divisions higher in National 3. The meeting will take place at the Salvador-Allende stadium, the den traditional Olympic. “It is a great pride to play at Allende, launches the 36-year-old coach. We were somewhat lucky in the draw inheriting opponents of our level. But coming to Allende, in the large Stade de Noisy, is to validate the work we have done since the club was created. “

A work initially turned towards the social, as indicated by the title of the club. “By creating the ASSN, we have above all responded to a need,” explains Ibrahima Diarra, the club’s founder in 2008. We have some 150 kids of all levels, who could not play elsewhere than with us. »Located in the sensitive district of Londeau, the club plays its role perfectly. “It is the poorest district of the city,” continues Diarra. It’s hard to say no to a kid. If we don’t take him home, we know he’ll end up looking out for it at the bottom of the towers… “

A social role that the Noisy has been drawn from the ashes of the previous club, JS Noisy-Londeau. “The president of the time is called Aca Pavlovic, he was seriously affected the evening of the attacks with his wife at the Stade de France in 2015, continues Diarra. He gave us great advice. We tried to take over as best we could. “

With 300 licensees, the Noiséenne also nurtures sporting ambitions. “In the short term, we are targeting Departmental 1 and in the medium term, the regional level,” Kaba assures us. We have been undefeated in the league for two years. We have a one-year exemption to play in D2 at our Marcel-Gentilini stadium. But next season, it will be necessary to find an approved ground. “

All eyes are naturally on the Allende stadium. “The Olympique made Noisy-le-Sec shine for thirty years, continues Diarra. It will forever be the first neighborhood club to have been so high. Today, there is not much difference between the two clubs (Editor’s note, the Olympic plays four divisions higher in Regional 1). Only, we are now cramped in our stadium. It’s more and more complicated to manage. “

“I will be fully behind them on Sunday against Ivry. Our two clubs are complementary ”, assures Nasser Sandjak, historical coach of the Olympic

In the Olympic camp, Nasser Sandjak, the coach of the team playing in Regional 1, is full of praise. “I will be fully behind the Noiséenne Sunday against Ivry. Our two clubs are complementary. As also exists in other towns such as Aubervilliers with the CMA and the other youth club of Auber. “

With a budget of € 60,000 including € 4,000 in municipal subsidies, the Noiséenne gets the most out of it with little. “We are all volunteers and when you see the work accomplished in ten years, this is the real achievement. Maybe even bigger than reaching the 5th round of the Coupe de France. Personally, it hurts my heart not to be able to give, if only, 100 € to a young person who comes to train our kids. But, we have no choice… ”

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