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Covid-19: a positive LR elected, Eric Woerth “pissed off”, the group in the Assembly worried

The fear of the encore repetita. The Les Républicains group in the National Assembly was the first to be affected by the first wave of Covid-19, last spring. And now the anguish seizes the French right once again, under the gilding of the Palais Bourbon: while the epidemic is starting again, especially in the capital, it is a new elected member of the group who has been tested positive.

Except that this deputy learned about it on Tuesday, after having walked the corridors of the Assembly and been in contact with several of his colleagues, especially at the table, while the guests fall off the mask. According to our information, no less than four deputies are identified as “contact cases”; which does not mean that they are contaminated but all will have to go into isolation.

“The situation worries us a little”

One of them, Eric Woerth, deputy (LR) for Oise and president of the Finance Committee in the Assembly, is particularly “pissed off”, according to several sources. Because this specialist in public finances will have to put himself in administrative segregation … in full examination of the budget in Parliament. Enough to make him angry while the budget requires significant upstream work, which he has made his hobby. He will continue to monitor the work remotely.

“The situation worries us a little, especially as the deputies will be returning to the constituency …” recognizes a small hand to the group. Complete coincidence, it is this same Tuesday that Jean-Luc Reitzer, the very first deputy infected with Covid-19, made his return to the Assembly. The elected LR of Haut-Rhin, had spent four weeks in a coma and two and a half months in hospital, paid tribute to caregivers and urged the Prime Minister to “learn the lessons of this collective ordeal” pandemic and not to close any more beds in local hospitals.

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