Covid-19: How the Red Star overcame three weeks of forced rest

Even if the National championship has not been stopped, the Red Star is coming out of a long period of technical unemployment … It is the third level club which has played the fewest matches this season in all competitions since Sète and Villefranche (8 matches also in the league) have entered the competition in the Coupe de France. On the eve of the … 12th day of National, the Red Star has still not played its 5th round at Mée (R3). Blame it on three weeks of forced rest due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Nine players in the workforce tested positive the day after their last league outing in Orleans (1-1) on October 13. Jérémy Labor was the first case detected.

“I was in the hard for three days”, reveals the defender Jérémy Labor, the first Audonian tested positive

“I felt symptoms in the evening of Orleans, a big headache and pain in the lower back, says the defender, father of two children aged 18 and 6 months. The next day, I was tested as my wife was also positive. I was in the rough for three days, lost my taste and smell after a week, and the 7 days of isolation at home was a bit difficult. But everything is back to normal. “

The Red Star medical staff took the lead as soon as training resumed in early July. “The whole group had undergone a serology test and 7 players were already positive, including 5 asymptomatic,” explains club doctor Alain Frey, who works at Poissy-Saint-Germain hospital. The idea is that whoever has a suspicion calls me to assess the risk so that it does not infect others. “

After the detection of 9 cases the day after the match in Orleans in mid-October, the players concerned therefore first remained in isolation for a week before resuming in small groups. “The negatives trained in the morning, and the positives together in the afternoon,” said the Red Star doctor for 4 seasons. I alerted the ARS (Editor’s note: regional health agency) to tell them that we were potentially a small cluster and we set up the same protocol as in L1 and L2, namely, no match for 14 days. “

Sportingly, the Red Star is starting a marathon this Friday evening with 6 matches to be played by the end of November. “Even if they are young athletes, there is a real post-Covid risk of additional fatigue for 3 to 6 weeks, adds Alain Frey. We will therefore monitor the recovery even more carefully. “

Cheikh Ndoye fit for service after being positive

“It forces us to play every three days, but the boys like it especially when it wins,” says coach Vincent Bordot, spared him, like all of his staff. Beyond the physical aspect, it is necessary to take care of the risk of mental relaxation. More than two and a half weeks without playing, it’s not easy to manage, but I felt the group happy to meet again. »And to continue to win?

Before the cut, the Red Star (11th) had indeed found color since stopped in full swing after three victories (Concarneau, Laval and Créteil) and a draw (in Orleans) in a row. A series of invincibility that the last comer Cheikh Ndoye hopes to extend. The 34-year-old Senegalese international, who arrived in early October, joined the group for the first time this Friday in Saint-Brieuc (13th) after also having contracted the virus. The former captain of Angers (L1) should start on the bench.



Friday (8 p.m.), Fred Aubert stadium. Referee: M. Zolota.

Red Star: Charruau – Sivis, Labor, Daillet (cap.), Sainte-Luce – M. Ndoye, Koukou, Roye – Gomel, Bizet, Durand. Entr. : Bordot.

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