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Covid-19: no French volleyball Cup this year

A choice of reason. Faced with a health situation which continues to deteriorate and which has already led to postponements of matches, the French Volleyball Federation struck a blow by deciding to cancel the professional men’s French Cup this season.

“In view of the difficulties encountered in playing the first days of the professional championship in their entirety and the request of a majority of club presidents of the AM League, expressed by mail, not to overload the calendars, the Executive Board of the Federation decided this Tuesday, October 13 to cancel the Coupe de France ”, explains the official press release.

“I obviously regret that we had to make this decision because the Coupe de France is a major competition for the Federation and the clubs which participate in it,” explains Eric Tanguy, president of the federation. But we had to make a choice of reason, there are today too many uncertainties and games postponed to replace in the season. We must give priority to the French Championship so that it can come to an end and free up dates for the postponement of matches. The internationals must also be released at the end of April to start the international season with the Tokyo Olympics in the spotlight.

“Taking into account the health context, this is a wise decision,” says Arnaud Gandais, general manager of Paris Volley. The objective this season will be to protect the economy of the clubs and to bring the championship to its end. »Tickets for the various European Cups for next season will therefore be decided in the classification of the League A championship. This is the second consecutive year that the event will not deliver a winner.

Stopped last spring due to confinement, the final four of the Coupe de France was to be held in September in Toulouse before positive cases of Covid-19 in the ranks of Paris and Toulouse force these teams to forfeit. The final between Poitiers and Tours was then canceled at the last moment and unilaterally by the Touraine club which, explaining fears for the health of its players, had not wanted to come to Occitanie. The Federation then imposed a fine of 7,500 euros on Tours and declared Poitiers the winner. The Tourainees have appealed.

This decision to cancel the Coupe de France for the moment only concerns the men’s competition. “For women, the decision is not taken,” the statement continued. We will take the time to reflect with the clubs because the women’s championship has a lighter calendar because there will be no playoffs this season. Volleyball is the first French sport to take such a step… but could see other disciplines imitate it if the health situation continues to deteriorate.

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