Covid-19: “sport pass”, recovery for minors in clubs … what Macron offers to the sports world

He was eagerly awaited by a universe of professional and amateur French sport that has been at bay for months because of the crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. This Tuesday, November 17 in the morning, Emmanuel Macron had an appointment by videoconference with more than twenty representatives of the French sport including Tony Parker, Bernard Laporte and Martin Fourcade, Nathalie Péchalat or Jean-Pierre Caillot. From professional clubs to federal structures, including amateurs, theater operators and companies in the sector, all were waiting for concrete answers from the State to the questions they are asking. Everyone took turns to explain their own problems.

In the presence of the ministers concerned by the files – Bruno Le Maire (Economy), Jean-Michel Blanquer (National Education) and Roxana Maracineanu (Youth and Sports), in particular – the President of the Republic tried to respond, with Prime Minister Jean Castex at his side, with concerns about three points: amateur sport, professional sport and major events.

A “Sport Pass” in 2021

A “Sport Pass” will be created in 2021 and will cost the State 100 million euros. It will be open to young people under 16. With this pass, built on the model of what is done in culture, part of the cost of the new licenses will be borne in part by the State. They will therefore be cheaper for families, especially the most disadvantaged.

This measure is taken to offset the dizzying drop in the number of licensees in clubs, estimated at around 25% since the start of the crisis in the spring. This corresponds to a drop of around 4 million licensees out of a total of 17 million and almost all sports are affected. The concrete terms of this Pass remain to be defined.

The Head of State has also announced a possible reopening of clubs during the Christmas holidays, if sanitary conditions are met, for people with disabilities and minors. A campaign to raise awareness of sports, particularly sports and health, will also be launched very quickly to make young people want to take up sport again.

No public return to the stadiums before 2021

On the other hand, those who hoped that, after a month of confinement, everything would return to normal from December 1 may be disillusioned. Emmanuel Macron has already announced that the public will not return to the stadiums and theaters in December. Professional sport will continue to be played behind closed doors at least until early 2021. A gradual return will not be considered until mid-January. The President of the Republic explains that he does not want to take the risk of allowing the public to return to the stadiums very quickly and tell them the opposite a few weeks later.

In compensation, and for a cost equivalent to 105 million euros, the State announces that it exempts clubs from their social charges for the months of September, October, November and December in order to limit the effects of the measure, without loss of turnover. The President of the Republic also announced the postponement by one year of the first maturity of the loan guaranteed by the State, i.e. March 31, 2021.

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