Covid-19: towards maintaining professional championships even in the event of re-containment

French sport is holding its breath. Faced with the exponential increase in the number of people infected with Covid-19, President Emmanuel Macron will announce this Wednesday evening a tightening of health measures. Among the preferred avenues, the government could resort to a new confinement. A decision that greatly worries the players in French professional sport who have still not recovered – especially economically – from the sudden interruption of the championships last March at the start of the pandemic.

But according to our information, which confirms those of the newspaper The team, high level competitions will, this time, not be affected by these measures and will be allowed to continue their activities. Even in the event of confinement.

“The various scenarios for strengthening health doctrine provide, as requested by the Minister of Sports, the possibility for professional and high-level athletes to continue their activities,” confirms a source close to the ministry. And this, therefore, whatever the scenario chosen, in respect of the pursuit of their professional activity and their physical and sporting capital. “

A trend corroborated by other interlocutors close to the French Football Federation who wish to see their professional championships continue and avoid reliving the internal disputes of recent months. Neymar and his PSG partners should therefore continue to tread the lawns of Ligue 1, very likely behind closed doors.

Uncertainty for amateur sport

The fact of having to play in the absence of an audience could, however, encourage professional leagues to temporarily close the doors of their competitions. Those of basketball, handball and volleyball had, in fact, voted at the start of the season in favor of an interruption of the championships as long as it would not be possible to play in front of the supporters.

The same uncertainty concerns amateur sport. If the Federation wish to benefit from the same exemptions as for pro sport, others – like that of volleyball which announced on Monday that it had stopped all of its senior national championships of Nationale 2 and Nationale 3 for six weeks – have already stopped their competitions. “Regarding amateur activities, for adults and minors, their continuation will depend on the chosen health scenario,” explains, again, the side of the Ministry of Sports. In any case, the support systems will be adjusted according to the extent of the restrictions, the public health issues that sports and physical practice cover will also be taken into account by the doctrine. “

According to our information, the government would however like to maintain access to training and competitions for underage players.

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