Croatia-France: the notes of the Blues

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Didier Deschamps maintained his organization in 4-4-2 in losang with Tolisso-Nzonzi-Rabiot in midfield. The latter was very active. Digne succeeded in the gesture of the match by offering the second goal to Mbappé, author of the achievement of the victory against Croatia (2-1).

Lloris: 7. A superb reflex stop in the first period, then two other interventions on long-distance strikes at the end of the match which sealed the victory of the Blues.

Mendy: 5. A thunderous start to the match with an overflow that allows France to open the scoring. He had a defensive job against Perisic and he sometimes had difficulties, certainly for lack of benchmarks in his right lane. He could have caused a penalty due to an involuntary hand.

Varane: 6. A good game from the Madrid central defender, impeccable with a header. He took out several Croatian crosses thanks to a good placement and his sense of timing.

Lenglet: 6. Rather convincing in his interventions in front of Petkovic and serene in his reminders. The Barcelona could have scored in the first half but his header went right next to it.

Worthy: 7. In line with his last outings in Blue, the left side was efficient. He gave a superb ball to Martial in the first period which should have resulted in a penalty for France, and the assist to Mbappé.

Nzonzi: 5. The Rennais delivered a very or even too sober performance. At his post of sentry, he was especially attached to recover and take out the balloons properly. In this role, he did good when France was dominated in the first half but he never accelerated the game.

Tolisso: 5. A service without much relief. The Bayern Munich relay midfielder did not make big mistakes, but he was not influential enough in the game of the Blues.

Rabiot: 7. Already holder against Portugal, the Turinese was very interesting whether in recovery or in his role of torchbearer. A good match. He gradually established himself as Matuidi’s successor.

Griezmann: 5. The Barcelonan reassured a little. He did not succeed in everything, but by playing closer to his attackers and therefore to the opposing surface, he quickly opened the scoring with a superb strike under the bar. Then he lacked accuracy and control.

VIDEO. Croatia-France (1-2): “Griezmann’s breath of fresh air”

Mbappé: 5. Until his goal, the Parisian often won but did not have the expected success either in his dribbling or in the finish. But he justified Deschamps trusting him until the end.

Martial: 5.5. A match where he showed skills in the game back to goal but also in depth. It is also by gaining the upper hand on Vida that he should have obtained a penalty forgotten by the referee. Altruistic too, but he dropped off at the same time as his team.

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