Curfews, vacations, teleworking, aid… What to remember from Macron’s interview

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The serious, solemn tone, during 40 minutes of live interview. Invited by TF1 and France 2, Emmanuel Macron announced on Wednesday evening new measures to deal with the deterioration of the health situation linked to Covid-19. A curfew will be imposed in several territories while the French are more than ever encouraged to follow a whole series of health recommendations. “We need each other, we will get there,” he urged.

Shortly before, we had learned that the entire national territory was placed in a state of health emergency, with entry into force on the night of Friday to Saturday, at midnight. 20,000 new cases of Covid-19 are recorded every day on average. “We are in a worrying situation. […] The virus is setting off again, recirculating very quickly throughout Europe and in our country, ”insisted the Head of State in the preamble.

Here is what to remember from this speech.

Curfews in Ile-de-France and in eight metropolises

As expected for a few days, a curfew will be introduced from Saturday where the health situation is the most critical. This will affect the entire Île-de-France as well as the eight metropolises already in the maximum alert zone (those of Lyon, Lille, Toulouse, Saint-Etienne, Grenoble, Aix-Marseille, Toulouse and Montpellier).

Covid-19: Macron announces a curfew between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. for six weeks in Ile-de-France and in 8 metropolises

From 9 p.m. and until 6 a.m., and at least for the next four weeks, it will no longer be possible to travel except for certain reasons, in particular health or professional. As a result, it is the great return of attestations. It will be necessary to fill one in order to be able to move in these territories.

“There will not be a traffic ban between 9 pm and 6 am, but a strict limitation. We will no longer go to the restaurant, we will no longer go to party … […] There will be checks and there will be fines of 135 euros and, in the event of a repeat offense, 1500 euros. It must be very dissuasive ”, announced the President of the Republic.

No travel restrictions between regions

“We have not decided to limit travel between regions,” announced Emmanuel Macron. In other words, two days before the start of the school holidays, it will still be possible to leave. “What we will say very clearly, to those who go to a rental or a holiday home, is to respect the sanitary rules as if they were at home”, he added, insisting in particular on the mask to wear absolutely.

A gauge for private gatherings

The authorities cannot strictly speaking prohibit home gatherings, but the head of state recommended limiting meetings in a private setting to 6 people. These dinners with friends, aperitifs and other dance evenings, with sometimes limited respect for barrier gestures, has been worrying doctors and epidemiologists for several weeks.

Emmanuel Macron insisted on several other health recommendations: physical distancing of at least one meter, regular hand washing, and frequent ventilation of the room. “These are not rules that we will put in decrees and protocols, but I hope that the French appropriate them”, he continued.

Appeal to youth

Often singled out for a supposed relaxation in the face of barrier gestures, young people were solemnly warned by Emmanuel Macron. “We’re going to have to make a little effort, that is to say, seeing fewer numbers at the same time. I know it’s a huge effort, ”he said.

“It’s hard to be 20 years old in 2020, so I will never give lessons to our young people,” he admitted at the same time. “We need to involve our citizens and also our elected officials. Mayors must be players in prevention, ”the Head of State added.

Common sense for teleworking

For several weeks, Prime Minister Jean Castex and his government have regularly recommended favoring teleworking. Emmanuel Macron has appealed to “common sense”. Deeming it necessary to “continue to have a social life at work”, the Head of State wants “rather to encourage people to do, for places where it is relevant, two or three days of telework per week”. “Teleworking, when you have a second home, it’s great. When you have an apartment, when the children are at home, it quickly becomes very hard, ”he explained.

Failure of screening

Recognizing that France had “encountered real difficulties” on screening, Emmanuel Macron justified his decision to make the test free. He wants to develop antigenic tests, which have just been authorized in France, as well as “self-tests”. The goal is to “analyze more quickly more tests together”, summarized the head of state. The strategy consists of three verbs: “test, alert, protect”, which semantically succeeds “test, trace, isolate” in force until then.

A version 2 of StopCovid

As announced by Jean Castex on Monday, version 2 of StopCovid, the contact case tracing application, will be available from October 22. This software has been shunned by the French since its launch on June 2, with only 2.6 million people having downloaded it and 493 notifications sent.

“We have not succeeded in making the application a tool for people,” acknowledged Emmanuel Macron, saying that he wanted to “learn from our mistakes”. Several general and practical information will be available on the new version of the application, called “All anti-Covid”, in addition to the device making it possible to signal that one is positive. It should be activated only “when there is an element of risk”, for example in the company of unmasked people. Restaurant owners and cafetiers will be associated with this system.

Help for precarious people and economic support

“The virus strikes more modest circles. On the economic and social level, this crisis is also unequal ”, recognized the Head of State. Recipients of RSA and housing assistance will be able to benefit from “exceptional assistance of 150 euros”, plus 100 euros per child. “This will allow to go between 100 and 450 euros, which is more than a revaluation”, continued the president.

“It is certain that there will be economic consequences. For example, in Paris, if we ask for this curfew at 9 pm, we will have restaurants that decide to close, ”said the Head of State. The partial unemployment scheme will remain in force during this period. Regarding the most affected sectors, such as tourism, catering, or even culture, Emmanuel Macron promised to “put in place additional devices”, without revealing their content. During a debate with government spokesperson Gabriel Attal on October 7, a restaurant owner told him: “It would be heartbreaking but, if it continues like this, I would have no other. choice than to fire. “

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