Decapitated teacher: for François Hollande, “the terrorists are trying to divide us”


Joined Friday evening, a few minutes, after the announcement of the attack on a professor found beheaded in Conflans-Saint-Honorine and while he was in Corrèze, François Hollande told us of his great emotion. “These terrorist acts are made to shock, to produce fear, explains the predecessor of Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee. I share the pain over this man who has been slaughtered. To attack a teacher is to attack the education of our children, what connects us all. I share this pain with the whole family of this teacher, with the whole educational community and beyond with the whole school. “

“These are all false pretexts to try to threaten the population”

Having had to face as head of state the wave of terrorist attacks from Bataclan, Charlie Hebdo and Hyper Cacher, François Hollande also has a keen eye on the new attacks that occurred at the time of the trial. those responsible or accomplices in the attacks against Charlie Hebdo. “This type of stabbing attack, already seen near the former premises of Charlie Hebdo, with serious injuries or lethal consequences, is what we can fear worse in this period. This is the modus operandi that terrorist groups present abroad propose but do not organize. They carry out propaganda work from a distance in order to encourage individuals to take action. “

For the former tenant of the Elysee, who refrains from any advice or critical judgment on the action of his successor in this area, “vigilance” is of course more necessary than ever because we can fear a new wave of attacks. For him, terrorists always use the pretext of wanting revenge for French policy in Mali or Syria or of wanting to avenge the prophet.

“These are all false pretexts to try to threaten the population and divide the French people. In this period, I appeal to national unity. “

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