DIRECT. US presidential election: Biden confident, Trump multiplies appeals

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  • The suspense lasts. This Thursday, at 5:30 am, we still do not know who Donald Trump or Joe Biden won the presidential election. But the Democratic camp is very confident.
  • Nevada referee? With Wisconsin and Michigan in his pocket, second and third states taken from Donald Trump with Arizona, Joe Biden now has 264 voters. If he won Nevada (6) he would reach the magic number 270 to become the 46th President of the United States. Other key states, such as Pennsylvania (20 voters) or Georgia (16 voters), are still undecided.
  • The war of remedies. Before the end of the count, Donald Trump claimed victory. He accuses Democrats of fraud. He is already promising an appeal to the Supreme Court. The Biden clan calls for “every ballot to be counted”.

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6:10 am. Trump is stepping up the remedies. The outgoing president’s campaign team announced a first judicial offensive in Wisconsin, won by Joe Biden with a difference of less than 1% according to near-complete results, according to several American media. Republicans want to demand a recount of the vote and have asked a local judge to reconsider the ballots already counted. They also filed an appeal for the suspension of the counting in the key state of Pennsylvania, the outcome still uncertain.

VIDEO. US presidential election: Trump wants “voting to stop”

6 hours. Biden cautious but confident. The Democratic candidate spoke in his stronghold of Wilmington, Delaware. “I have come to tell you that, when the count is over, we think we are going to win,” he said before settling down as a rallying point. Once the result is known, it will be time “to put the aggressive rhetoric of the campaign behind us,” he continued. “To move forward, we must stop treating our opponents as enemies. “

On twitter, Joe Biden asked his supporters to “keep the faith”.

5:40 am. Nevada expected … Camp Biden is more and more confident. It is the state of Nevada that could bring him the necessary voters to reach the 270.

5:35 am. In case of victory, Biden vows US to return to Paris agreement. The United States left the Paris climate agreement on Wednesday and a possible return of Washington to this international treaty is suspended on the still unknown result of the American presidential election. “Today, the Trump administration officially left the Paris climate agreement. And in exactly 77 days, a Biden government will join him, ”the Democrat tweeted.

5:30 am. Pro-Trump protests. Across the country, protests are taking place and Trump supporters are demanding, in particular, that “every vote be counted.”

5:20 am. Hello, another day of suspense in the USA. Follow with us the latest results and reactions.

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