Ecology, sovereignty, immigration: Bellamy’s remedies to save the European right from the crash

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If the European right were an airplane, its recent sudden loss of altitude would logically lead to concern for its survival. So its passengers wonder: can we still save it from the crash? The leader of LR MEPs, François-Xavier Bellamy, is handing over a strategic note on Wednesday entitled “The future of the right in Europe”, which we were able to consult. The objective: to update its political software – aging – to hope to face the challenges which shake the world (and of which the right is undergoing more than ever the turbulence).

“The European People’s Party has been the largest political group in Parliament since 1999, but it is now experiencing major electoral setbacks, in France, Spain and Italy,” reminds the Parisian Bellamy, who worked for several weeks with a representative from several EPP member countries, to produce this “doctrinal manifesto”. “We need to rebuild a clear line for our political family, it is work that has been put aside for too long,” continues the MEP, who wants to make the notion of “transmission” (of nature, of culture, values) a keystone of this outline program.

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First break, which may appear obvious: the call to put ecology at the heart of the political program of the right. “Man does not have nature as an owner, he receives it and must strive to transmit a world where life remains possible”, specifies the text, which calls for “to work for a prosperous economy in sobriety”, to “restore the climatic balance, protect the diversity of living things”. A sober capitalism? “Putting the ecological question in the foreground must structure our action”, explains François-Xavier Bellamy, who insists on the need to “change our vision of the economy” based on the belief of “infinite” growth.

For a strategically sovereign Europe, and firm on immigration

Drawing lessons from the Covid crisis, this note also calls on Europe to regain its strategic independence in areas such as agriculture, food, industry, energy … while making it clear that the nation state must take precedence over any European federalist logic.

Another section insists – as the MEP had already done during his European campaign in 2019 – on the defense of “European civilization”, by emphasizing the “necessary assimilation” of its values ​​by the population “resulting from recent immigration ”. On immigration, the line wants to be firm: “to guarantee the control of the borders and the control of the migratory flows […]. The first of the rights is not to be welcomed at the other, it is to be able to live at home “, specifies the text, which explains moreover that” Europe must engage more effectively in the support to the development of Africa and disadvantaged countries in the world ”.

These “broad guidelines”, which are quite broad (or vague), will be debated within the EPP, then the text will be voted on in November. Without this however committing any party at European level. This in-depth work does not detract from the fact that everyone, at home, stands on their own two feet.

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