Even caught up with the virus, how Donald Trump poses as a Covid tamer

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A week after his release from hospital, Donald Trump is trying to make up for lost time. Since Monday, October 12, the US president has been leading a marathon of meetings across the United States. Final offensive to reduce the gap with his Democratic rival Joe Biden, who is ahead of him by ten points in the polls for the presidential election on November 3.

On October 1, the White House announced that the president and his wife tested positive for Covid-19. The next day, the 74-year-old billionaire was hospitalized, and subsequently received three different treatments. Once cured, he continues to minimize the epidemic, while the United States is the most bereaved country with more than 210,000 dead.

Marc Chalamet, Parisian correspondent in the United States, looks back on this eventful end of the campaign for Code Source.

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