Fight between ultras: Romain Mabille released on appeal

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A week after his resignation from the CUP (Collectif Ultras Paris), Romain Mabille was exonerated in the case of a fight between ultras in the agglomeration of Troyes, in 2016. The former president of the group ultras du Virage Auteuil was released by the court of appeal of the court of Reims on Wednesday.

He was sentenced in the first instance to 1 year suspended prison sentence in December 2018 for a clash which left one seriously injured, hit in the head. “We managed to prove that he was not at the scene of the brawl as has been claimed from the start, welcomes Cyril Dubois, Romain Mabille’s lawyer. This confirms everything that has long been said about Romain and the Ultras Paris Collective, who reject violence. I am very happy to have succeeded in getting people to recognize that Romain and the others had not taken part in this brawl. “

Romain Mabille, present at the hearing on September 16 in Reims, has always assured that he and some members of the K-Soce Team (one of the founding groups of the CUP), were present in Troyes to attend the meeting against Reims, but that they had not been able to access the stadium. The one who was president of the CUP for four years ensures that he then went to the famous factory outlets of the city.

The other defendants also released

He and his defense relied on the boundaries to explain that their presence at the scene of the confrontation was impossible. No Reims supporter involved in the fight had lodged a complaint or wished to collaborate, which did not facilitate the investigation.

The court also acquitted the other defendants who had appealed against their convictions at first instance, in particular one of the main current leaders of the CUP close to Romain Mabille. The court considered that it did not have sufficient elements to prove their involvement.

This decision should not have an impact on the choice of Romain Mabille to leave the presidency of the Collective Ultras Paris after four years in office. This departure is explained by differences with the group and the club and was not linked to this legal procedure. The CUP appointed Nicolas Boffredo at its head this Sunday.

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