Football: at Air France, Marlet is redeploying its wings

He has scored in many stadiums in the world of football, from Craven Cottage in London (with Fulham) to Parc des Princes, via Deagu Stadium (South Korea) with the Blues or the Volkswagen Arena in Wolfsburg. But the anonymity of the Maurice-Baquet stadium in Goussainville (Val d’Oise) did not succeed for Steve Marlet on Saturday, October 24. At 46, the former French international (23 caps, 6 goals) returned to competition under the Air France Roissy jersey, but his company R2 football team (2nd division) lost (1-0) in Coupe de France against Amicale RATP DOM-TOM. “I had a great time and my opposing bodyguard (sic) told me that he had strict instructions, and that he had won THE game of his season, ”confides fair-play Marlet.

Decisive associated with Govou and Anderson at Abymes

His last “official” match dated back to November 23, 2019 and a charity meeting in Abymes (Guadeloupe) with the Club des Internationaux de Football (CIF) chaired by Jean Tigana. Luc Sonor, the former defender of Monaco and Metz, led the selection against the former Gwada Boys. “Marlet is the first name you put on your scoresheet,” assures the person. With him, you know where you are going, he has a great mind. But that day, he was associated with two other ex-Lyonnais Sidney Govou and Sonny Anderson… It was heavy. “That day, Marlet had done the job by scoring the first goal and causing the penalty of 2-2, transformed by Laura Georges, the former captain of the Blue. “Steve and Sidney were untenable, indestructible. I asked them what they had been drinking for vitamins (smile). They didn’t stop running. In fact, they walk as much as you want … “

Stade Bauer (Saint-Ouen), October 23, 2020. Steve Marlet (left) poses with Luc Sonor (center) and Didier Thimothée during the presentation of the renovation of the Bauer stadium./LP/Stéphane Corby

The arrival at Air France of the former winger, double winner of the Confederations Cup (2001 and 2003) and finalist of the 2004 UEFA Cup with Marseille, was orchestrated by Stéphane Lucas, trained like him at the Red Star. “I knew he still had the virus and I called him,” says the former Oviedo goalkeeper who ended his career at Aubervilliers in 2017. For the Nicollin years, business football has been of interest to former pros. Steve is of that caliber. With him, we can go very high. “Lucas (42) also attracted his former friends from Paris FC, defender Romain Ouéhi (40) and Moroccan striker Jawal El Hajri (40), or ex-Angevin midfielder Mickaël Brisset (35) , and is pushing for Mickaël Tacalfred (39), another former Red Star, who experienced Ligue 1 with Reims.

“Steve’s signing was a real boost,” says Air France Roissy president Nicolas Bleas

“For all these alumni, Air France is a great place to network (sic)adds Stéphane Lucas. El Hajri, for example, promotes the TeqBall ( Editor’s note: sport halfway between football and ping-pong that he launched in France ) from our partners. Here, football is a pretext to get together on Saturday but it goes beyond… ”

Goalkeeper Stéphane Lucas is behind the arrival of his friend Steve Marlet at Air France Roissy (football companies) / LP / Icon Sport / Sandra Ruhaut
Goalkeeper Stéphane Lucas is behind the arrival of his friend Steve Marlet at Air France Roissy (football companies) / LP / Icon Sport / Sandra Ruhaut

“In addition to highlighting our club and the Air France brand, the signing of Steve was a real boost both internally and externally with the signing of several sponsorship contracts necessary for the club’s survival”, specifies the president Nicolas Bleas who aims in the short term to climb to R1 Elite.

“I missed the field,” says Steve Marlet

“I’m discovering, and I prefer business football to veteran football for the state of mind, says Marlet, who trains every week with the Red Star reserve (R1). In fact, I missed the field. “Beyond his duties as advisor to Audonian President Patrice Haddad, the dad of Yaron-Eden (19) also spends time on the sidelines to encourage his son, U20 at the Red Star and approached for a moment by the AS Monaco before getting injured. “I take care not to be too heavy with him and I have never interfered with his educators. He still dreams of football, but as he is in the 2nd year of the Sports Business School (AMOS), he is lucky to still have the choice. “

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