Football: Fifa is working on a simplified VAR, deployed on a large scale

The Fifa Innovation and Excellence working group will soon present to the world football body and to Ifab, the guarantor of the laws of the game, a “recommendation” for the implementation of a reform concerning VAR. Its development responds to “the goal of creating more affordable systems and allowing the use of video refereeing assistance at all levels of football,” FIFA said in a statement.

Video referee support is currently only in place in major competitions and leagues. So it was not this fall for the group stage of the UEFA Nations League. This summer, the Ladies’ Champions League only had VAR for the final, a limitation that drew criticism from several players.

Fifa also specified that it was considering “the development of a semi-automated technology for offside in order to make the process of analyzing these situations as efficient as possible”.

It finally indicated that it had solicited the market to find a technology allowing to better visualize the “offside difficult to judge” within the framework of the VAR. In recent weeks, several scoring actions on the edge of offside, canceled by the VAR, have given rise to incomprehension among observers, especially in the English league.

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