France-Portugal (0-0): relive the draw conceded by the Blues in this shock

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Relive France-Portugal live with commentary:

FINISHED. This long-awaited clash between the world champions and the European champions gave birth to a draw (0-0), at the end of a meeting where the defenses took the best of the attacks. Pogba, Kimpembe and Griezmann were interesting for the Blues, who, like the Portuguese of a dangerous Ronaldo twice, keep the lead of Group 3 with seven points.

90 ‘+ 2. The Lloris parade! (0-0) Fear for the Blues, while Ronaldo is also trying to strike. Slightly deflected by Pavard, his powerful attempt is pushed back to his right by a decisive Lloris!

90 ‘+ 1. Newcomer Renato Sanches pushes into the left lane and tries a long shot from a tight angle. Vigilant, Lloris captures.

90 ‘. Additional time: three minutes minimum.

89 ‘. Triple change for Portugal in the last few minutes: Moutinho, Trincão and Cancelo enter, while Carvalho, Guerreiro and Félix leave.

86 ‘. Stat ‘. France are undefeated in their last 15 home games (12 wins and 3 draws). His last defeat dates back to March 23, 2018 against Colombia, in a friendly (2-3). It is his best series on his land since March 2003-November 2005 (24 games).

84 ‘. Under the applause of the few hundred spectators present, Mbappé gives way to Coman, back after a long absence with the Blues.

81 ‘. There was an idea in this offensive of the Blues, with support from Martial on Griezmann. But then the delivery of the Barça striker is intercepted by a Portuguese foot in the box.

80 ‘. Second change for Portugal: exit of Bruno Fernandes, who is replaced by Lille’s Renato Sanches.

77 ‘. Pogba has space in front of him and takes his chance from afar, full axis. His shot from the right is grazing but too centered to take Rui Patricio failing.

74 ‘. Didier Deschamps makes a change: Martial takes the place of Giroud to bring even more speed to the attack of the Blues.

73 ‘. While Pepe thought to open the scoring by propelling a fleeting free kick from Bruno Fernandes with his head, this one is logically signaled in an offside position.

69 ‘. New very clean intervention from Ruben Dias, which prevents Mbappé from leaving alone to goal. The Manchester City defender is invaluable to visitors.

66 ‘. The Blues are more and more insistent, and try to make the difference by alternating attacks from the axis or the sides. The Portuguese defense, led in particular by a vigilant Ruben Dias, holds up.

63 ‘. Stat ‘. France have won 10 of their last 11 games against Portugal. The only exception: the latest, July 10, 2016 in the Euro final (0-1 after extra time).

61 ‘. First change in this match, for Portugal: Bernardo Silva gives way to Jota, the Liverpool winger.

60 ‘. Corner for the Portuguese, played on the left by Guerreiro. Kimpembe makes his physique speak in front of Ronaldo to deviate from the head.

59 ‘. Opposite, the neo-Parisian Danilo Pereira is more discreet, and has trouble finding enough space between the first and second curtain of the Blues to express himself.

55 ‘. Pogba is consistent in the midfield of the France team. He collects balloons, and voluntarily throws himself forward when he can, like here before hitting heavily. His attempt from outside the box is blocked.

52 ‘. Stat ‘. Cristiano Ronaldo has never scored against the France team. The Portuguese striker has met the Blues four times in his career, in 2006 (semi-final of the World Cup), 2014, 2015 and 2016 (final of the Euro).

50 ‘. Very good cross for Guerreiro from the left side, who seeks and finds Ronaldo in the box. The Portuguese striker returned to the axis, but could not find a teammate with his ball.

47 ‘. Mbappé finally dangerous! (0-0) Good work from Hernandez on the left, who can serve Mbappé in the left corner of the opponent’s area. The latter quickly eliminates his new teammate at PSG, Danilo Pereira, before attempting a dive that Rui Patricio deflects from the glove!

46 ‘. It’s off to the Stade de France! No changes to note at the break.

HALF TIME. First tactical period at the Stade de France (0-0), where the Blues have the response in front with a tough opponent. It is the Portuguese who generally dictate the pace of the meeting, where Cristiano Ronaldo (25th) and Antoine Griezmann (33rd) each had an opportunity.

45 ‘. One minute of extra time is announced by the fourth referee.

44 ‘. Giroud enjoys a game of pinball in the Portuguese area for a volley. But his attempt, unbalanced, flies too high.

42 ‘. Bruno Fernandes took Rabiot’s crampon on the top of his head, falling to the ground after a duel. It’s unintentional on the part of the French, and the Portuguese finally gets up.

39 ‘. Mbappé struggles to exploit his main quality, speed, often caught by two or even three opponents, as here in the left lane.

36 ‘. Hernandez comes to stamp Semedo’s back near the sideline, and commits the foul. On the free kick that follows, Bruno Fernandez’s cross is extended by João Félix, but the ball misses.

33 ‘. Griezmann’s strike! (0-0) Pogba feels Griezmann’s in-depth call and serves him in the right tempo. From a closed angle, the Barça striker hits hard but runs into Rui Patricio!

29 ‘. Nice opening from Varane to the opposite towards the left corner post. Hernandez manages to cross out of balance, but Semedo is there to counter him.

25 ‘. What an intervention from Hernandez! (0-0) It was enough to say discreet Ronaldo for him to be dangerous … Found in the heart of the box, the Portuguese star can attempt a half-volley in an ideal position, which Hernandez comes to counter by throwing himself at the last moment!

23 ‘. Stat ‘. Ronaldo is currently discreet. Recall that with 101 goals scored in the national team, he is eight units from the record of Iranian Ali Daei (109), whose career ended in 2007.

21 ‘. On a distant free kick played in the axis by the Portuguese, the tricolor defense does not come out and allows Bruno Fernandes to strike. It is countered, Lloris is not worried.

17 ‘. Pogba is receiving a cross from the left, and manages to place an extended header. His attempt was not on target, while Mbappé is signaled in an offside position after touching this fleeing ball.

15 ‘. The few French offensives currently go through the corridors of Pavard and Lucas Hernandez, who often offer to try to bring a surplus.

12 ‘. Nice opening from Bruno Fernandes over the defense, that Bernardo Silva is close to being able to take a volley in the box.

11 ‘. The Blues face a disciplined opponent and applied defensively. Offensively, Semedo tries to bring in his right lane but his blocked cross is captured by Lloris.

8 ‘. Stat ‘. Didier Deschamps celebrates his 104th cap on the national bench, one more than as a player. Hugo Lloris honors his 117th selection, and becomes the third most capped player in the history of the Blues (exceeding Marcel Desailly), behind Lilian Thuram (142) and Thierry Henry (123).

5 ‘. While Portugal keep possession of the ball in these first minutes, Giroud returns to the pitch with a nice strap all around his head, he who was treated at the edge of the field.

2 ‘. From the outset, Dias receives a first yellow card after nudging Giroud while wanting to play an aerial ball.

1 ‘. Let’s go to the Stade de France! The Portuguese kick off.

8:40 p.m. The players make their entrance on the lawn of a Stade de France stocked with only 1,000 spectators, accompanied by the referee of the match, the Spaniard Carlos del Cerro Grande. The anthems will ring out, the kickoff is imminent!

8:38 p.m. Didier Deschamps has lined up a team made up mostly of world champion players. The Griezmann-Giroud-Mbappé trio is there, while Kanté evolves in front of a defense where Kimpembe has been chosen to support Varane.

8:33 p.m. Recall that the Portugal of Cristiano Ronaldo, holder in peak tonight, gleaned the First Nations League in 2019. PSG rookie Danilo Pereira is also established in the middle by Fernando Santos.

8:26 p.m. This successful duel is the opportunity to assess the strengths in the presence of two contenders for the final victory at the next Euro. The two selections will meet again during the continental competition from the group stage.

8:20 p.m. The composition of Portugal, in 4-2-3-1.

8:17 p.m. The composition of France, in 4-4-2.

8:12 p.m. The head of the group is at stake in this shock where the winner of the World Cup receives that of the European Championship, in a remake of the final of Euro 2016 which will inevitably be in the heads (0-1 defeat of the France).

20 hours. Good evening everyone and welcome to our site to follow live commented on the meeting between France (2nd, 6 points) and Portugal (1st, 6 points). This match counts for the third day of group 3 of the League of Nations. Kick-off scheduled for 8:45 p.m.

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